Want a Smooth-Sailing Life? Here Are 2 Deeds That You Should Avoid

It has been said that the life that we live today is a product of the circumstance that we were raised in. Of course, we can’t choose our parents, so right from the very start our trajectory has somewhat been set by the type of people that they are, both at the genetic and practical levels.

We are also going to be affected by how rich or poor they are, because it is through their financial capacities that we gain access to opportunities that make us better.

Another significant contributor to our current state are the choices that we make along the way. Even if opportunities are limited, what we make of them is still very much dependent on how clever we are in taking our picks and maximizing what we have.

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Human as we are, mistakes can and really do happen. Mind you, mistakes are not always so bad because they teach us a thing or two about life. Now, look closely at the sentence before this one. It says ‘mistakes,’ not ‘mistakes that you make yourself’. What’s the difference? Through observational learning, we can learn from the rise and fall of others. So, we present here two of the most common mistakes that people make. Learn from them. Avoid them.

Trusting in their capacities too much

Having confidence in oneself is desirable. In fact, there was a point in psychology where self-esteem and efficacy got all the attention, especially from scholars who try to address issues with human performance.

However, in the efforts to prop themselves up, people tend to cross that fine line between fantasy and reality. This leads to overconfidence, which has dire consequences not only to the person but also to others around them. Overconfidence is frequently cited as one of the reasons of traffic mishaps, for example. If ever you were injured because of the carelessness of a driver, be sure to contact a lawyer such as those from Blumenshine Law. They will help you establish culpability and get compensation for the injuries and inconveniences that you suffer from.

If you are a driver, a student, a worker, or all of these, be sure to always have a realistic assessment of your skills so that you won’t find yourself in a compromising circumstance.

Making important decisions while happy

Happiness is a state that many aspire to. And it’s totally understandable; happiness is such a pleasurable experience. However, like anything in this world, happiness is not all sugar and everything nice; it also has some spice to it.

One of the greatest downfalls of being happy is the optimism that usually comes with it. No, we are not insinuating that being positive is a problem. There are just times, especially when one becomes too happy, that the level of optimism becomes unrealistic in the sense that the person becomes blind to the real costs and drawbacks of a specific course of action. So, if you want to make a good decision, think about your problem when you are not in the height of euphoria. A level mind is always the ideal playground of good decision-making.


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