How Can You Continue Drinking Coffee and Prevent Your Teeth From Getting Stained?

Let’s be honest with ourselves: coffee is one of our favorite things to consume, oftentimes on a daily basis, and is one of America’s favorite beverages.

Not only does coffee give us that boost we strive for in the morning, but it lets the creative ideas flow when we need them the most.

Unfortunately, an excessive amount of coffee consumption can lead to coffee stains on your teeth that will darken your pearly whites.

We may be wondering to ourselves: “How can I continue drinking coffee and prevent my teeth from getting stained?” Fortunately, there is an alternative to drinking coffee that will allow us to, at best, deter the effects of stained teeth.

Taking preventive methods against discoloration from coffee will be the guaranteed way to keep your teeth white, and still enjoy your favorite cup of coffee that you enjoy so much!

What Can I do to Avoid Coffee Stains?

Taking measures to avoid or limit coffee contact with your teeth is the only way to avoid coffee stains when consuming your caffeinated beverage of choice. You might ask yourself, “How is that even possible?” Fortunately, there are a few methods you can take to avoid contact with your teeth and still enjoy your morning cup of joe.

Using Straws
Using a straw will deliver the coffee directly to your throat and avoid contact with your teeth. This method is the guaranteed way to prevent teeth staining. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to a straw, and this method can sometimes become somewhat inconvenient; it is up to you to determine how far you will go to prevent coffee stains.

Rinsing After Your Cup of Coffee
Try rinsing your mouth out with water once you consume your morning beverage. This will allow the water to wash away the coffee buildup in the pores of your enamel, deterring coffee stains from happening. For a better effect, brush your teeth if available to enhance the rinsing effect and take your coffee stain preventive action one step further.

Decreasing Your Coffee Exposure Time
Ask yourself, “How long do I take to drink my cup of coffee in the morning?” This may be a detrimental effect that’s happening to your teeth without you even realizing it. By drinking your coffee slowly, you are allowing it to sit longer in your teeth, causing coffee stains; trying drinking faster to avoid coffee buildup that will cause teeth discoloration over time.

Why Does Coffee Stain My Teeth?

Every tooth is coated by a protective outer layer called enamel. This outer layer serves as a protection against tooth decay; unfortunately, acids from certain types of foods or drinks can damage the enamel, and over time cause discoloration. The enamel is porous, and can collect particles of coffee when drinking; only by rinsing, reducing the amount of time it takes to finish your coffee or avoiding contact with your teeth can you avoid coffee stains.

What Can I Do To Whiten My Teeth If They Are Already Stained From Coffee?

Fortunately, there are various methods that we can take to get our teeth back to their natural white state. Various teeth whitening services exist, either at-home or in-office with your family dentist. Try using mouthwash more often or special teeth whitening toothpaste that can help take restorative action and give you your smile back.

Coffee Stains and You: Taking Preventive Action Against Discoloration

We understand: everyone loves coffee, and it’s oftentimes hard to part with this delicious drink. It is one of the most enjoyed beverages across the world that also offers a few health benefits too, such as lowering your risk for diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Unfortunately, everything comes with a price, and coffee stains can seriously hinder your smile.

That’s why it’s important to take preventive action against coffee stains. Not only can coffee stain your teeth, but the acidic buildup over time can cause bacteria to grow at a much faster rate. Be sure to avoid coffee contact with your teeth as much as possible, and rinse your mouth as often as you can.

Remember, when you have any questions regarding coffee stains or its effects on teeth, your family dentist can always help you get your answers and point you in the right direction towards good oral health!

About The Author
Dr. Amanda Canto DDS has been practicing Cosmetic Dentistry for over 25 years and is a leading expert in the industry. She enjoys teaching others on how to optimize their oral health and is a frequent blogger within the health community.


  1. Being a coffee lover myself, this is one of my problems. Although it looks weird using straw while drinking coffee, it doesn\’t matter anymore. I just want to prevent my teeth from getting stained. Great tips by the way.

  2. Good tips! Coffee lovers need to either adapt their behaviors to avoid too much damage, or learn to drink less coffee because it is pretty bad for oral health.


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