ColonBroom’s Healthy-Gut Components: The Benefits You Crave

When we dive into the wondrous world of nutritious fiber supplements, we know firsthand all the benefits, side effects, dosage, etc. But have you ever thought about what you actually, literally, consume with one serving? One of them is fiber – you don’t have to have a degree in science to figure that one out.

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Let’s look at the ColonBroom dietary fiber supplement, for instance. People are crazy about the delicious strawberry taste. Though, is that the main selling point? No.

Aside from the very-berry taste, there’s a bouquet of other ColonBroom ingredients that gives us the right healthy boost and is responsible for different little things that accumulate our gut flow.

The Secret Recipe if ColonBroom

For newcomers, let’s quickly introduce this healthy shake. ColonBroom supplement is a safe and effective way to soothe symptoms of constipation and detox your body. After a week or so, you should enjoy regular bowel movements, a healthier gut, and boosted metabolism.

Salvation for those who want a fresh new feel and look, right?

There are multiple key benefits that enhance your health, too: from lowered cholesterol and decreased sugar cravings to glowy, radiant skin and energy boost.

All thanks to:

Psyllium Husk

This Plantago seed’s ancestor, found in ColonBroom, is best known for its ability to relieve constipation. The effect will be noticeable in just 24–72 hours. For this effect, psyllium husk-packed supplements are magic. Psyllium is what’s known as a bulk-forming laxative; it’s a fibrous plant that soaks up water and swells, which is what makes you feel full. It increases the bulk in your stool which causes your intestines to contract and eases constipation.

Crystallized Lemon and Citric Acid

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This duo adds a bigger punch of tangy lemon flavor. Also, remember when your mom and grandma used to force you to drink warm lemon water in the morning to relieve constipation/bloating? Due to the high concentration of citric acid, which aids gut bacteria, these ingredients help with bowel movements.

Sea Salt

It doesn’t mean that ColonBroom will have a salty strawberry taste, yuck, no! Nowadays, people tend to demonize salt, A LOT. If you’re a member of a low blood pressure club, salt is the drill. It naturally keeps blood pressure balanced and positively manages your metabolism. So when your body feels thirsty or craves salt – you should take it. Take, for example, marathon runners or regular joggers. Their sports drinks are filled with electrolytes that regulate pH levels, aid in muscle recovery, and keep your body hydrated.

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But Where Does That Sweetness Come From?

One of the appealing features of ColonBroom powder is that it doesn’t have artificial sweeteners. Their side effects usually ARE bloating and indigestion, though most fiber supplements use it for the sake of taste. ColonBroom is sweetened with plant-based Stevia and contains natural flavors and colors.

Bottom Line

ColonBroom is a natural, plant-based dietary fiber complex that helps promote digestive health and relieves constipation. The supplement is designed to please a broad niche: friendly for keto enthusiasts, fasters, soon-to-be mommas, people with diabetes, or just folks who want to detox and fix their gut the easy (and delicious!) way. That’s why we chose to tackle its “secret recipe components” today. If you’d like to learn more about this splendid slimming shake, click here.


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