The Truths about Male Enhancement

Contrary to popular belief, men get self-conscious too sometimes. In fact, studies suggest that most guys aren’t happy with at least one part of their body. And can you guess what body part that just so happens to be? You’re right. It’s their penis.

That’s why a majority of modern-day males now seek sexual enrichment products like they’re going out of style. There’s no longer a taboo associated with personal improvement because, quite frankly, we’re all just as curious about the possibilities as the next guy.

So today, reputable and transparent manufacturers churn out the goods as though the whole world is knocking on their door.

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Indeed, male enhancement products (or MEPs) are advantageous to men, women and everyone in between, so it appears as though few people still love their bodies or their partner’s bodies as they are – flaws and all. Truth be told, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to push your potential to its limits or explore the boundaries of your libido.

What Is Male Enhancement?

Put simply, any kind of self-perpetuated, voluntary improvement(s) made to the body as it relates to sexual function, performance and/or enjoyment can be defined as enhancement. With that in mind, pornography and 3D VR sex toys would technically qualify but they don’t. So what’s the distinction between pleasure products and legitimate MEPs? I thought you’d never ask.

First of all, a genuine sexual enhancer for men will be designed for a specific anatomical design and won’t necessarily possess features that produce pleasurable sensations. Secondly, legit MEPs don’t promise to augment your body in any external way, at least not permanently. While some products can and will increase things like penile blood flow, testosterone levels, arousal and stamina, which may lead to a more substantial erection, they will not permanently boost the length or girth of the user’s genitals.

FACT: Penis enlargement pills are a scam 186% of the time. Nature just doesn’t work that way.

How Does It Work?

The process, and I do mean process, of changing anything about the way your body looks or behaves takes a lot of time, patience and energy. Real, measurable enhancements to your sexual performance will not happen overnight, so beware of any manufacturers who swear upon MEPs that say otherwise. Until science catches up with our insatiable desires, this endeavor will always require sophisticated equipment and/or the proprietary blends of proven, ingestible ingredients. Fortunately, both of those things are available today without a prescription. In the past, not so much.

Even now however, optimal at-home enhancement results are most often achieved through the use of convenient methods involving all-natural herbal supplements, medically endorsed traction devices and scheduled masturbation sessions, believe it or not. Those kinds of techniques are both affordable and effective at helping men achieve and maintain their lofty sexuality objectives without surgeries or latent self-esteem issues. Those high-quality options are also safer than undergoing most medical procedures and many of them don’t interfere with other medicines either.

The 4 Most Effective Options

Choosing the MEP that’s right for you isn’t as hard as you think, especially not when you have some general knowledge about the most popular options at your disposal. I’d guess that getting past your denial is the hardest part. After all, most of us were taught that being insecure, curious or creative in any way with our penis was a sign of physical, mental and/or emotional weakness. In some cultures, lacking libidos and infertility are considered omens of generational curses and spiritual wickedness. Ouch. Picking out a good male enhancement product has to be easier than living with that.

Thankfully, it is. The contemporary consumer marketplace is full of different sexy self-improvement opportunities for men who have busted out the box to embrace their individualism by learning ways to exploit it naturally. Here are the top 4 most favorable (and generally most effective) options you’ll find right now:

Herbal Supplements

Male performance boosters commonly come in the form of pills or capsules that contain a specific blend of scientifically proven and/or ancient herbal ingredients. They were originally created to help increase a man’s testosterone levels, thereby making erections and arousal easier for the consumer when the correct dosage is taken. Generally speaking, this MEP requires a rather lengthy time commitment, as the components need time to fully absorb into the body. However, the addition of non-herbal Bioperine has been shown to significantly improve nutrient absorption and quicken the presentation of positive side effects.

NOTE: Herbal supplements are used to naturally increase stamina, boost libido, intensify orgasms, promote better penile blood flow and improve confidence as a result.

Penis Pumps

Just as popular are the high-density, traction or suction-based penis pumps, with some of them being sold alongside other products as part of a super productive male enhancement package. Pumps come in a wide variety of shape, sizes and colors, some of which feature see-through chambers for the user to watch as the action happens. There are handball pumps and automatic pressure gauges, measuring components and stamina training exercises, water-based devices and air-only contraptions, a few with extra comfort features, most without – all available without a doctor’s orders and usually more efficient than using herbal pills because of the speed at which the side effects are experienced. Just imagine the power when the two are combined though.

NOTE: Penis pumps are meant to bring blood and nerve endings on the shaft to the surface, thereby temporarily increasing the size and the intensity of any sensations experienced.

Shaft Extenders

Made primarily for performance enhancement experts, men with erectile dysfunction, those suffering from Peyronie’s Disease and/or guys with mirco-penis problems, genital extenders are complex devices that get worn on the waist for extender periods of time. Through applying continual traction to the shaft for several hours each day (sometimes even overnight or in the shower), penile tissues are forced to grow, straighten or both without surgery. All devices come with their own unique set of pros and cons, plus these things aren’t the most comfortable things in the world to wear. However, they’re among the most effective option for guys wanting to change the way their bodies look.

NOTE: Penis extenders are supposed to basically pull your trouser snake for long enough that it involuntarily lengths and fattens with regular, graduated use.

Testosterone Boosters

Low-T affects millions of men all over the world, resulting in some of the worst sex known to our species. The good news is that modern medicine has found ways to increase those precious testosterone levels so that you can enjoy better orgasms without having to face the painful alternatives.

Hormone replacement therapy isn’t just for menopausal women anymore. In fact, some of the better options have natural herbal ingredients that offer bonus side effects like improved sperm motility, boosted ejaculation volume, and ignited virility. The best part about it all is that many testosterone boosters are included in ingestible MEPs or even approved by insurance companies.

NOTE: Hormone products are formulated to gentle increase the production of certain body chemicals and should therefore never be used without consulting a doctor first.

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