Can Vaping Help you Lose Weight?

Do you remember eating hundreds of kilos of sweets after you have tried to give up smoking for the first time?

Do you remember loads of fast food after you tried for the second time? How many times did it happen? How many times did you come off?

Complete Idiot’s Guide on e-cigarettes

E-cigarettes are devices that use a battery-powered heating element to vaporize a nicotine liquid, which you inhale like cigarette smoke. There are plenty of e-cigarettes on the market now. They differ in style.

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Moreover, in one liquid you may use different vape flavors (look at more info). ‘‘Some look like cigarettes, others have tanks for the vaping liquid, some are disposable and other are multi-use,’’ explains Wesley Stephenson in the broadcast on BBC Radio 4 and the World Service. This means that e-cig may be either safe or not depending on what liquid do you use.

Why to simplify giving up smoking some people try vaporizing?

Smoking as any other obsession is based on several principles. One of them is behavioral smoking, which means that you got used to the process and cannot get rid of the habit to smoke. The second is evidently addiction to nicotine. This means that your organism is in need of nicotine.

Scientists still argue e-cigarettes can help to give up smoking. The thing is that e-cigarette usually contains nicotine. However, you can control the percentage of nicotine in contents. They advise starting from vaping e-cigarettes and gradually reduce the rate of nicotine. This – they believe – can help to dishabituate from consuming nicotine.

Is use of e-cigs to wean yourself from tobacco effective?

The United States Preventive Services Task Force found no sufficient evidence to claim that the use of e-cigarettes may work as a smoking cessation tool.

They allow dropping down a nicotine level using different cartridges or liquids, where you can use lighter stuff with each round. This process may take time because you have to get used to using less nicotine, but as time passes, you become nicotine-free.

How giving up cigarettes influence your weight?

People usually face the problem of getting fatter after they quit smoking. Do you know why that is happening? It is well known that nicotine suppresses appetite and some people believe that improves the process of metabolism.

You also know that overweight may cause a lot of problems, starting from issues with your skin and bones. Especially significant weight gain can cause heart diseases and many other diseases. This is very important to control your weight and be aware of the reasons for gaining extra kilos.

Can we really lose weight vaping?

Not only the influence of nicotine helps you to get extra weight, but also a habit. ‘What habit?’ you will ask. This is called ‘a hand to mouth habit’ and means that instead of a cigarette you put a biscuit into your mouth. Or a toast. Or some salty nuts. It helps you to forget about smoking, but this is also the vast amount of extra calories.

Here e-cig is the most helpful thing. Instead of eating a cookie you put an e-cig into your mouth and start vaping different stuff, which can be nicotine-free and even contain some pleasant e-cig juice.

What is interesting here – there are plenty of flavors beginning from standard strawberry and mint to coca cole and chocolate cake. Pretty clever!

So if you want to quit smoking but don’t want to get extra fat, you may try to use e-cigs with different doses of nicotine. Firstly, it works like a regular cigarette, and then you reduce the content of nicotine in your vape liquid and start using vape flavors. Simple recipe to stay fit and get rid of the bad habit!

What are the cons of using e-cigarettes?

As for the wrong sides of using this is that e-cigs usually contain nicotine which is addictive as we all know. The worst here is that sometimes the device which claims to hold no nicotine still has some nicotine. This scares a lot of people and causes a lack of credibility to all e-cigarettes.

The fact that e-cigarettes are not recommended to teenagers, young adults, and pregnant women make people think that they are very harmful. This fact unfortunately really means that e-cigs are not safe and we cannot use them not to inflict harm to brain development.

The other important thing is that any e-cig may contain some additional substances including the harmful ones. Typically, e-cigarettes contain fewer chemicals than regular cigarettes, but the pitfall is that they may have some heavy metals like lead, also some researches on vape flavorings claim that their use may be linked to lung disease. When you stand next to a person who is vaping, you also inhale some of the chemicals. This resembles the process of so-called secondhand smoke, which we can have from regular cigarettes.

So is using e-cigarettes effective?

From the time e-cigarettes appeared on the market which was about 11 years ago, scientists perform different researches to understand how e-cigs influence human health. There are still many theories, and scientists cannot totally agree on whether e-cigs and vaping are healthier than regular tobacco cigarettes. However, they are pretty sure that there is some beneficial effect from vaping.

Firstly, you can gradually reduce the level of nicotine use. Secondly, you can monitor your weight and deceive your organism after quitting smoking, which helped to suppress your appetite. Thirdly, you cannot forget that any smoking is harmful, but using e-cigs of high quality reduces the number of chemicals that you inhale.

To sum up, this is always you who makes a choice. We strongly recommend you to weigh all the pros and cons before trying to quit smoking and select the best option for notably your state of health.


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