How Vaping Can Help You Lose Weight

Vaping is becoming more and more popular to smokers as the number of people who use it as a way to quit smoking are increasing all the time.

There are also other benefits to vaping, one of which being it can help people lose weight.

Here are the top 3 reasons why vaping can help people lose weight.

Vaping prevents overeating and weight gain

Many people feel the need to eat when they become bored or stressed. Food acts as a comfort. However, vaping can overcome this because it provides people with an alternative to eating. Instead of going for that packet of crisps in the cupboard or that nice looking bar of chocolate on the counter, a quick vape can provide just as much satisfaction.

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E-liquid flavours are tasting better all the time, with many new flavours of vape juice being developed so vapers can experiment.

E-cigarettes are also very portable. They can be easily taken around everywhere, meaning that it becomes a lot less tempting to satisfy a sweet-tooth craving when there’s a treat already waiting in the back pocket.

There is also a common fear amongst smokers that once they stop smoking, they will put on a lot of weight. This is because nicotine suppresses the appetite and smokers can feel like they have to smoke in order to manage their weight.

By stopping smoking, they fear craving food all the time, ultimately overeating.

Well, vaping actually allows for full customisation of nicotine concentration. It allows the amount of nicotine to be reduced easily and to the preference of the vaper. The nicotine will still supress the hunger but the addiction to it will become less and less powerful.

Diet and lifestyle habits will change as the nicotine concentration decreases but this can be easily managed with a structured plan.

It’s easier to exercise with vaping

Smokers may be motivated to go to the gym or run outside for a few miles, but they find it difficult to remain active for a sustained period of time. As we are all aware, smoking tobacco cigarettes produces a build-up of tar in the lungs and carbon monoxide into the blood stream.

The tar creates a sticky, toxic web that inhibits the lungs from producing the amount of oxygen needed to breath, causing shortness of breath and a shallower lung capacity. The carbon monoxide then raises blood pressure and increases the risk of suffering from a heart attack. When it comes to vaping, none of this happens.

When switching to electronic cigarettes, the body begins to remove all the carbon monoxide from its systems. This also allows oxygen to be transported around the body more efficiently. After a month away from smoking, the lungs begin to improve. Their capacity for oxygen increases and coughing becomes less frequent.

This all adds up to being able to exercise better. The increased oxygen will allow a vaper to train for longer and with more intensity, without suffering as short of breath. This will lead to better fitness and overall health. These two reasons are purely logical reasons.

For those of you that require some evidence to prove it can help with weight loss, there are studies that can back this claim up.

Backed by science

Studies, including a publication by the Society for Research on Nicotine and Tobacco (SRNT) which concluded that e-cigarettes may be presented to cigarette users as a possible solution to support smoking cessation and address the fear of weight gain.

There is another study, named the Role of Specific Olfactory Stimulation in Appetite Suppression and Weight Loss, which dives into the role vaping plays.

This study followed the results of 80 test subjects. 40 of them were supplied with diet pens and the other 40 were given a placebo diet pen.

Let’s call the diet pen test group ‘Group A’ and the placebo diet pen test group ‘Group B’. The diet pens in Group A were given a scent that had been suggested to reduce food cravings.

Both Group A and Group B were asked to use their diet pens before all meals, snacks and in between whenever they felt hungry. Each member of Group A and B were then weighed after 8 weeks and the test produced interesting results.

Members of Group A had lost an average of 19.15 pounds over the duration of the test, while members of Group B lost an average of 3.85 pounds.


As can be seen, vaping can help with weight loss with claims backed by scientific research.

Not only does it help with prevent weight gain when coming off cigarettes but allows for more intense exercise and improving health.


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