Are Life Alert Systems Only for the Elderly?

Most ads for life alert systems portray the users of medical alert devices as elderly, so it’s no wonder many people think they are only for seniors.

While it’s true that older people use these devices the most, there are many other people of all ages that can benefit from these emergency aids in times of need.

Here’s a look at who could use life alert systems and why they are advantageous.

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What are life-alert systems?

When someone has a fall or needs medical attention for another reason, the person can get assistance quickly if he or she has a life alert system. Most systems include a base station and a wearable button.

By pushing the button, the base station receives a signal. The station then calls a pre-programmed number, which usually connects to a call center. A dispatcher then answers the call and speaks to the person in need over a loudspeaker. Once the situation becomes assessed, the correct course of action can occur.

Emergency services could be sent out to the person’s home, or a family member or friend could be contacted. Life alert systems have the potential to save lives. There are a variety of life alert systems available on the market. The cost of life alert varies, with most involving an ongoing monthly subscription fee.

Do you have mobility issues?

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You don’t need to be elderly to experience falls. If you have a mobility issue, perhaps as a result of a past injury or illness, and you struggle to move around your home, you should consider installing a life alert system.

If you have already experienced at least one fall and you live by yourself, then it’s even more important to consider getting a system, so you have access to around-the-clock care. Once you have had one fall, you have an increased risk of having another.

Do you have children?

If you have children who are at home alone at certain times, such as after school or during the school holidays, you can lay your worries to rest by getting a life alert system. A medical alert system can save lives. All your kids need to do is push a button should a medical emergency arise.

Also, if you have a baby, it’s a wise choice to give your babysitter a wearable alert device, so he or she can get access to help within a matter of seconds. Parents naturally worry about their children, so installing a life alert system is an excellent way of gaining peace of mind.

Are you on medication?

The advantages of most medications outweigh the side effects, but that doesn’t mean side effects don’t exist. If you’re taking a medicine that causes issues like vertigo or dizziness, you have a higher risk of experiencing a fall.

Don’t underestimate how much problems like dizziness can affect your balance and coordination. Simple things like walking up a flight of stairs can suddenly become very hazardous. By having a life alert system, you will have access to immediate help should you need it.

Do you live alone?

Regardless of your age and whether or not you have any existing health problems, if you live alone and you don’t have neighbors, friends or family members nearby, installing a life alert system can be a wise choice.

Medical emergencies can sadly affect anyone at any time, so you will have peace of mind that you’ll receive the fast assistance you need should an emergency occur.


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