Looking After Your Mental Health Following A Breakup

Breakups are hard and they always will be. No true couple is together without the desire or aim of being that way forever, but sometimes, more often than not according to some, relationships break down.

There are so many reasons why couples break up with each other; some are big, cataclysmic and damaging reasons, such as affairs or marriage proposal rejections, others are simply because the two different parties are in different places or one has outgrown the other.

Relationships are very hard to make work; two separate people must become one and must move and grow in tandem.

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Often, love and feelings aren’t enough to keep a couple together, but that doesn’t mean anything when it comes to the hurt when they do end. Mental health is something that needs to be taken into account in the immediate aftermath, that is for sure.

How to get over a break up

There are a number of different ways to can help yourself get over a break up. Your mental health should be your primary concern; grieving is natural, it can be a long and arduous process, but eventually the next stage will be learning now to adapt and adjust to life without your now former partner.

Perhaps you’ll need to start cooking or cleaning more now you have lost that extra pair of hands, but keeping active in any sense is a real positive with regards this and shouldn’t be ignored. Throw yourself into your work, try to achieve the goals you put on the back burner when you first got together, or just start to get more exercise. It really could be that simple; feeling better physically is proven to make a huge difference mentally, too. These are general rules and guidelines for keeping on top of mental health and not allowing an illness to develop.

The issue may now finally be receiving the attention it needs, because mental illness is no less serious than a physical illness or injury; there are many causes, but chief among them is a relationship breakup.

One alternative to these early steps, if they’re not working or you just feel as though you need another form of attack.


A psychic reading online may not appear the most obvious helpline, but it really could be. Websites such as Kasamba or Bitwine have a number of readers who specialise in relationship services. Your psychic will not tell you to leave or stay with your partner, nor will they try and predict a linear progression of events that will follow it.

Instead, they will examine your energy and look deep into your soul to suggest what could be the best course of action to go ahead with; this could be done with dream analysis, which is done by looking at your subconscious and could hold the key to post-relationship stress.

They can even work like a psychiatrist or a counsellor, listening intently and supporting you through your issues; the key difference, though, is that they will have the ability to harness energy and your spirits to help you. Whatever happens, though, you will be able to get through a breakup, as hard as it may seem. Psychics can offer you the best support and route through your problems.


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