Attending To Your Physical And Mental Health During Addiction Recovery 

The dangers of alcohol or drug abuse are multiple, and the impact destructive behaviours of this kind can have on your physical, mental and emotional well-being can reach severe levels, if recovery isn’t purposed on time.

During your rehabilitation, as well as afterwards, you should focus not only on eliminating the urge to consume alcohol or illegal substance but to fully restore the health of your body and mind and start enjoying a higher quality of life in general.

Attending to your health during recovery means you will need to focus on a few relevant aspects. You might already be experiencing the destructive aftermath of your addiction, but you should be well-aware of the long-term effects addiction can leave on your entire body, but on your mind as well.

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A few insights on the subject might help you grasp the topic a bit better and get an idea on what you are recommended to do here:

Get some basic medical check-ups

The repercussions that years of drinking or months of intense drug abuse might have had on your body aren’t always noticeable from the start. You could be dealing with different types of conditions such as high blood pressure, liver or kidney diseases, respiratory infections and the list can go on, without you even acknowledging them.

The body’s way of reacting to your addiction might not always come with noticeable signs at first, and a developing condition can be stopped if you receive adequate treatment on time. As soon as you make the decision to go clean and start living a healthy life, you should visit your healthcare provider and get some basic or more complex set of check-ups and tests. If you are subjected to any dangerous health risks, your doctor will be able to tell you and direct you towards an adequate treatment plan for a recovering addict.

Join a rehabilitation program that incorporates a healthy detoxification plan

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While there might be numerous rehab centres available, not just any facility can provide you with an optimal approach. Alcohol withdrawal will come with certain repercussions, and in order to cause as little damage to your health as possible, the program followed should be created with a focus on healthy practices. When you are comparing private centres, look into the format of the rehabilitation program ensured by each clinic.

Some centres might combine holistic healing techniques with regular detox treatments – you need to consider every single detail when you are making a selection. Leaving rehab finally sober but feeling terrible mentally and physically isn’t the ideal plan here.  Specialists at speak about how attentively those dealing with an abuse problem should choose their rehabilitation plan, so make sure you have taken into account each aspect before deciding on an exact facility.


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During a harsh recovery process, what you eat might be the last thing on your mind, but as soon as you start feeling a bit better and see your new sobriety status in a slightly different light, you are recommended to focus on implementing a better nutrition plan. Recovering addicts are prone to deal with issues such as overeating, it’s a normal mechanism of coping with the drug or alcohol withdrawal by replacing substances with tasty foods, usually unhealthy ones.

Not eating enough can, however, also happen, especially if the recovery process is followed by a period of depression an unbalanced emotional state. Not being careful with your dietary plan will only worsen your general wellness and will make complete healing more difficult to obtain.

Hydration and nutrition are critical during this process, and if the right choices are being made, your odds of recovery will also increase. Macro- and micronutrient deficiencies caused by a disorganised diet are frequently linked to relapses, and falling back into your old habits is certainly far from what you want after going through all this hard work to become sober.

Get in contact with an expert and create an individualised nutrition approach. A nutritionist who has worked with people in your exact situation in the past, will provide you with all the tips you need in this department.


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Engaging in physical activities has proven to be an extremely effective method of combating destructive behaviours. Specialists have actually indicated that exercise might stimulate certain brain circuits the same way as several addictive substances.

Keeping yourself active will also put you in a better state of mind and mood, meaning you will start thinking less about your cravings, and you can better face temptation. Restoring the health of your body entirely will be simplified when you are engaging in sports, so it doesn’t matter if you choose jogging, fitness workouts or Pilates, understand the power of exercise for healing and stay active.

Start seeing a therapist

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The odds are your mental health is far more affected than your physical health after this long battle with destructive tendencies. Depression, anxiety and other mental illness might have been developed, and the symptoms are likely to worsen once you cut out addictive substances from your life entirely.

This is why you will need to see a therapist and come up with a plan on mental health maintenance. Besides discussing with the professional, and reaching some conclusions about your emotional and mental issues, they can also help you develop certain practice and facilitate a happier life. From meditation to socialising, there are various methods that can boost mental health.

Drug or alcohol addiction can alter your life in various unpleasant ways, and until you make the choice of rehabilitating yourself, your physical and mental health will be at risk constantly.

During your recovery and healing journey, focusing on your wellbeing will be more important than ever. When your mental and physical health starts to improve, your cravings will also become less strong and temptation will be easier to fight. While each individual going through addiction recovery might need a personalised approach, there are a few things you should consider, which will prove effective in all situations. Sobriety should be sustained by a healthy mindset and lifestyle, so do your best to pursue the right practices.


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