5 Actionable Tips for Preventing Work-From-Home Burnout

Since the pandemic started nearly a year ago working habits have changed. Most governments and companies encouraged employees who can work from home to do so. Many people were delighted first with the idea of the home office but if you asked those same people now many would say they are experiencing work from home burnout Covid-19 has created.

We talk to our expert Daniel Bennet about working at home. Read more of his articles here.

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Tips for working from home

We have collected a few tips that can make working from home more efficient and less daunting.

Make a work schedule

When you can decide to work or take a break any time of the day it is easy to underestimate the time you spend preparing a meal or just scrolling down social media. The evening might be approaching and you notice that you still have several hours’ worth of work. Don’t fall into this trap, make a similar schedule you would have if you were to go to the office.

Unwind with games

Playing video games can reduce stress levels as you leave the reality of life behind and emerge in the gaming experience. Canadian online casino expert, Daniel Bennet suggests playing games like slots where no strategy is needed and you can choose the theme yourself. While you are gambling online you can imagine being in a pyramid in Egypt or in the boxing ring with Rocky, and forget about work emails.

Some games can be played free and with others, you have a chance to make some money on your lunch break. When it comes to video games, time can fly so perhaps set a reminder when you need to get back to work.

If you choose to relax with online gaming make sure you select a casino that is licenced and reputable. You can check out a third-party casino review site with a list of Canadian online casinos.

Exercise regularly

Now that you are home all the time you have no excuse not to exercise. You can schedule a mid-morning break and practise yoga by watching a YouTube video. If you have a park nearby you could take a quick walk, jog or bicycle ride.

Image source: pexels.com

Tips to avoid work from home burnout

Have a dedicated workspace

If you have a spare bedroom you could use it as your home office. Having children play or cry around you while you are trying to work can make things more stressful and it can disturb your concentration.

Don’t have work apps on your phone

In American and Canadian culture being dedicated to your workplace and working long working hours is appreciated, hence people can’t separate their private life from their working life.

Working from home should be the time you spend on the PC. While playing with your kids or having a glass of wine with your spouse you should not be glancing at your work emails on your smartphone.

Plan your eating times and eat well

People who are overwhelmed with work tend to eat more junk. Don’t wait until you are starving and pick whatever can be delivered fastest with UberEats. Plan your lunch ahead and prepare a healthy meal each day. Some people even find cooking therapeutic.

Don’t work over the weekend

You wouldn’t visit the office on a Sunday so you shouldn’t work from home either. You need at least one, but preferably two days off of work. If you answer work emails or client’s emails on weekends, they will expect this in the future as well.

Take a vacation or plan one

Everybody needs a vacation at least once or twice a year. Not having to go to the office does not mean that you are not working just as hard. Even though international travel is very difficult these days, Canada is full of natural wonders that you could visit.

Maybe it is time to visit the Rockies or spend some time at the Great Lakes. If you really cannot make it this year at least you could plan one for later. Perhaps order a Lonely Planet guide book and start planning.


Burnout from working from home is a reality for many people these days. Protecting your health can often look like securing your finances. Check out car title loans with no income verification to make sure your bills are covered each month!

The best you can do to avoid it is to have discipline in your working schedule and spend quality time while taking breaks.



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