How To Check If You Have A Legitimate CBD Product

Please note: the use of CBD for medical or recreational purposes may be illegal in your country.

With the cannabidiol (CBD) industry flourishing like never before, CBD products seem to be everywhere.

You can pick up a relaxing CBD infused lotion or even find it in your burger! The market is flooded with products. However, you must be sure what you’re buying is a high-quality, legitimate CBD product. This requires some awareness, especially since there is so much ambiguity around CBD’s legality.

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The US government considers Hemp and Marijuana as different types of Cannabis. Hemp is less processed and contains larger amounts of CBD as compared to Marijuana. CBD has the power to alleviate symptoms of various diseases and improve overall wellbeing. But what makes CBD legal?

We’ve listed below a few things you can check to ensure that what you’re buying is legit. You can visit reputed websites for additional info.

Your checklist for a legitimate CBD product

  • Percent of THC in the product: The government has legalized CBD obtained from hemp provided that the product doesn’t have more than 0.3% THC content. This amount of THC is considered safe and doesn’t have psychoactive effects. Remember, CBD obtained from Marijuana remains illegal.
  • Whether hemp is grown by licensed producers: Hemp grown by farmers consistently in accordance with the Farm Bill is considered legal. This means that even if your CBD product contains less than 0.3% THC but hasn’t been grown by a licensed producer, it will be counted as illegal. Surprising, but true.
  • Certification: Look out for a valid certificate of analysis. This is a lab test that analyzes the potency of, and the toxic contents in the product. Also, check if the product has been tested in a certified third-party lab. The way to check this is to see if the lab is accredited by ISO. This means that the lab follows the testing guidelines approved by a governing body. It’s important that the product is tested in a third-party lab since the tests are likely to be genuine. Also, the lab holds manufacturers accountable for the test results. In the case of in-house lab testing, results can be falsified to meet the required standards.
  • Toxic level: The lab test will show if the product contains contaminants like heavy metals or microbial bacteria. If the product contains toxins that are below the legal level, then the report will pass it. Otherwise, the product will be listed as a failure. In case, the report lists it as “fail”, the product is not safe for use.
  • Cannabinoid content: Check if the cannabinoid content shown on the label is the same as that shown in the lab report. You should look for consistency. However, a little deviance is normal. A huge difference should definitely make you careful.
  • Legalization of CBD in your state: Hemp is currently legal under federal law and one can travel freely with CBD products from one state to another. Though CBD is legal in most states, it’s always advisable to check on the legality of the product in your state.

Quality of your CBD product

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Once you’ve checked that your CBD product is legal, it’s important to also check the quality of the product to enjoy the benefits that CBD offers. You can determine its quality by checking the following points:

  • Where is the hemp from? : The quality of hemp really matters since good quality hemp means a good quality CBD product. One way of checking this is to check where the hemp is sourced from. Products made of hemp grown in the United States are of better quality since it’s grown on nutrient-rich soil with superior cultivation standards as compared to products made from hemp grown overseas.
  • Cultivation practices used: The hemp growers should use superior cultivation practices like maintaining the PH balance of the soil, using organic hemp seeds, and abstaining from the use of pesticides or GMOs. Companies involved in the entire process – from growing to production – are more reliable since they are able to oversee the entire manufacturing process and maintain full traceability. This leads to the production of a superior product.
  • Other ingredients: Check the label to see the other ingredients used in the product as some ingredients may enhance the benefits of the product.


CBD products can be found easily in shopping malls, convenience stores, and even your neighborhood coffee shops. While buying a CBD product, check its legality and quality. Read the label and know the ingredients. Look for a reliable lab report to verify the contents.

The label should also have an FDA disclaimer and a warning section. Find out the source of the hemp and the cultivation practices of the producer. Also, check the product for a batch number. This is an important indicator that shows whether the company is following good manufacturing practices or not. Follow the tips mentioned above to select a legal and good quality CBD product for your health and wellbeing.



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