3 Things You Can Do if You Are Anti-medication

Some of the reasons why some people opt not to take medication are due to their existing medical conditions and inability to swallow medications.

For such individuals, Kamagra Oral Jelly is appropriate as it has no side effects. It is applied to the skin hence you do not have to worry about the drug having any complications or side effects. If you do not want to take medication in form of pills or syrup, it is good to opt for other effective forms of medication.

Here are 3 Things you can do if you are anti-medication.

Herbal oil and lavender flowers
Herbal oil and lavender flowers on wooden background; image source: pexels.com

1. Herbal supplements

You may research online for herbal remedies and dietary supplements that can help cure various medical conditions. You will be surprised that some of them are more effective than medicines. But they require regular use for them to be effective. Herbal supplements do not only help heal the medical condition, you may be experiencing, but they also help to improve your general health.

Opt for products that contain Ginseng, DHEA, and L-arginine. They are effective and researchers have proved that they really work. Topical herbal supplements are effective. If you do not like taking medications, then you can get such supplements in the form of jelly and apply.

2. Lifestyle changes

Some of the medical conditions are caused by poor lifestyle habits. If they are avoided, you will not experience such medical conditions. You should quit smoking or drinking to avoid addiction. Any substance abuse has various side effects which in the long run can lead to various medical conditions including erectile dysfunction. You should also adopt an active lifestyle. Ensure that you do regular exercises so as to increase blood flow which is important for better health.

Do not forget to eat a healthy diet. You should include flavonoid-rich foods as they aid in blood circulation which is essential for general good health. Such foods include strawberries, blueberries, and citrus fruits. A diet rich in whole meal foods, green veggies, lean proteins, and fruits is good for better health.

3. Emotional health

Depression, anxiety and other psychological problems can lead to poor health. You should ensure that you are emotionally healthy. If you wish to seek counseling services, ensure that you get the service form professionals. You should also avoid stressful situations and learn how to handle a crisis. Low self-esteem and Guilt are also some of the leading causes of stress.

If such problems are not handled with care, they can lead to long-term health complications including high blood pressure, erectile dysfunction and other diseases. You should take preventive measures to enhance your health. Psychological problems including fear, stress caused due to relationships with family and friends as well as finances can also cause health complications. You should learn to engage in leisure activities more. This way, you can unwind and prevent stress.

Various factors contribute to various health complications. If you do not like medication, a lifestyle change, maintaining good health and use of effective supplements can also help. This must be done on a regular basis. It is both a preventive and curative remedy.



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