5 Ways to Stay Fit Without Leaving Your House

Going to the gym is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea. The reason for this is that it requires you to commit a considerable fraction of your finances and time towards achieving your fitness goals. Even if you can afford to pay the monthly membership fee, there are still some days that you will not be able to make it to the gym due to unavoidable circumstances.

The current global crisis caused by Covid-19 has even made it harder for people to hit the gym. This is because governments are encouraging their citizens to stay indoors in an attempt to reduce the rate of infection. During these times of self-isolation, you can still stay fit despite the fact that you can’t leave your house.

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You only need to follow the steps outlined below and you will come out of the self-quarantine much healthier than never before.

1. Eat a Balanced Diet

You are what you eat. Unfortunately, the phrase doesn’t go down well with most people, probably because they like to over indulge in foods that don’t contribute towards their wellness. During these times, you can easily be tempted to eat junk food as it’s usually readily available.

The problem is that the junk food causes a deficit in nutrients that are needed by the body to function normally. It’s actually recommended you eat three healthy meals in a day. The food you eat should mainly consist of proteins and vitamins.

This means that you should eat vegetables and fruits more often as they help in enhancing your immunity. It’s also important you consume foods that are rich in proteins such as lean meats and cereal. By the rule of thumb, your plate should only have a slice of carbs. Keep in mind that your body only requires a small portion of carbs.

2. Reduce Food Portions

Like mentioned earlier in the article, we are living in times that are uncertain. And such, the methods that are being used to counter the spread of Covid-19 have forced many people to lock themselves in their houses.

Since you are not active as usual, it’s important you reduce your food intake drastically. However, this doesn’t mean that you have to skip some meals. No. In fact, you should never miss a meal because you will be tempted to eat more at the end of the day to compensate for what you missed. You should actually consider reducing your food portions gradually to allow your body to cope with the changes in food intake. Remember, your body only uses a small fraction of whatever you eat and stores the remainder as fats.

3. Do House Chores Manually

If you are like most people, you probably own a few machines for doing common house chores. Owning such things during these times means you will be idle most of the time. In fact, idling is a huge mistake.

This is because it causes you to gain weight and also increases your chances of getting lifestyle related diseases. For the sake of being on the safe side, you should try as much as possible to do manual work such as cleaning the dishes and laundry.

4. Engage in Physical Exercises

According to www.hometraininghero.com, it’s possible to get fit from the comfort and convenience of your home. Even if you don’t own any dumbbells, you can still train using your body weight and gravity.

In fact, you only need to work out for just 30 minutes every day. Doing some simple exercises such as jumping hacks, press ups, planks, leg raises and sit ups helps in increasing your heart rate. The other advantage is that the exercises help in utilizing excess fat by burning them to generate energy that’s needed by the body.

5. Get Quality Sleep

The fact that you have nowhere to go doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend the whole day or night streaming movies from the internet. Your body needs to rest. You should actually practice going to bed and waking up at the same time so that your brain can get used to the routine.

When you do the routine for four days consecutively, you will realize that you will no longer need to be woken up by the alarm bell. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep allows your body to repair worn out tissues which guarantees you will be more productive the following day.


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