7 Great Tips to Ensure You Raise a Healthy and Happy Baby

Whether you’re a brand new mom or on your third child, there are things to consider when caring for your baby. As your baby becomes more active, you’ll need to ensure they are being taken care of in a healthy way. You’d be surprised at the things that do indeed make a baby grow up healthy and well. They aren’t difficult things to do and are often good ways to raise a happy baby.

While you don’t have to be a master at caring for your baby, it’s important to remember the things that make it easier for you.

Raising a child takes patience and the right mindset. Parents, especially new ones, sometimes struggle to keep up with the needs of their child but as time goes on and you learn more things about parenting and supporting your baby becomes more comfortable.

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1. Learn why your baby cries

Paying attention to your baby and learning the reasons he/she cries out is important in making your parenting life easier but also teaching you more about parenting as a whole. Learn about your baby’s emotions and what makes them happy, mad, or sad. This will help you determine how to care for them properly. All babies react to thing differently, although it is common for people to think they all cry for the same reasons.

Knowing if and when they’re hungry, tired, hot or cold, or just simply don’t feel good helps you connect with your child and give them the care they need to be happy. The expressions on their faces can tell you more about how they’re feeling more than anything else. Be attentive to how they express emotions.

2. Allow your baby to figure things out

In the early stages of parenting, it is important to tend to your baby’s every need and doesn’t matter how much time you spend with them because of the attention that is needed. It’s good to let your baby cry and allow them to feel sad or mad. Make sure to keep giving your baby positive attention and enough affection.

Contrary to popular belief it is perfectly fine to spoil your baby at the beginning. As time goes on and they grow, you’ll need to make sure to give them enough space to figure things out on their own. Your child needs to learn from experience at young ages to make sure they understand how things work or know how to determine good from the bad.

3. Encourage healthy habits

To ensure you have a healthy baby is to focus on healthy habits. Making sure your baby’s diet is healthy is essential and raising a happy child. Allow your baby to be themselves and encourage their healthy habits. Letting your child move around freely without you following them will help them build their independence and imagination.

If you notice a schedule that your baby has, keep that schedule as it will make them happier and healthier. Pay attention to what reactions your baby has to foods as well. What foods make them fussy or puts them in a good mood will help you improve your parenting skills.

A healthy diet will benefit your baby long term and is important for their proper growth. The needs of your baby will change as they get older, but sticking to a healthier diet will make it easier to care for them.

Healthy foods to incorporate in your baby’s diet are:

  • Cereals
  • Pureed fruits and vegetables
  • Yogurt
  • Beans
  • Protein
  • Eggs
  • Cheese

4. Keep the crib safe but comfortable

Image source: pexels.com

Your baby spends most of their time resting and sleeping, so making sure their crib is a safe zone is important in caring for them properly. Have certain precautions when buying a crib to make sure it is the best option for your baby. Cribs that it is barred on all four sides are the ideal cribs to allow the most visibility of your baby. Not being able to see them at any angle can result in an accident and you not knowing.

If your baby doesn’t seem to like sleeping in their crib., determine if the mattress is comfortable enough or if you may need to get a heating pad to make it warm for them.

5. Pay attention to hazards

Safety hazards are all around us and they are tripled when you have a baby. Make sure their nursery has the necessary items and eliminate clutter or things that may be dangerous. Some things you may not think are dangerous for your baby unless an incident happens.

But there are cautions you should take when having stuffed animals and small toys around your baby as they can create choking hazard and suffocation. Try not to have any flammable items in your nursery, like candles, to ensure your baby is safe. Other things like unstable furniture and short mobiles can cause a hazard to your baby.

6. Stay prepared

Being prepared at all times will make your parenting easier. Having everything at arms reach in your nursery allows you to be ready for whatever may happen. From having enough diapers and wipes to backup clothes and toys can make your life on the go simpler by being ready for whatever your baby needs.

Keep all those backup gifts from your baby shower, like extra bibs, those adorable baby diaper cakes, teething toys, and etc because they will, in fact, help you in staying ready.

7. Play with your baby

Having fun with your baby is an important thing that helps them develop a good relationship with their parent. Your baby watches your every move, so make sure to keep a positive attitude towards them and they will notice how you act with them.

Playing with your baby will make you and your baby happy while strengthening the bond you two have. Not only will it build the necessary skills to interact with others as they grow but help them develop their own interests for the future.



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