Want to Become a Doctor? 6 Reasons Why an MCAT Prep Course Can Significantly Help

Taking the MCAT is the final step you need to get accepted into medical school, but the exam is intimidating to first-time test takers.

The MCAT is no joke; several students fail it every year or receive a score that’s below acceptance level. While studying for the MCAT seems daunting, there are plenty of resources you can use to help you prepare for what’s ahead.

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MCAT prep courses help students across America succeed and reach the test scores they want to achieve to guarantee that acceptance letter. An MCAT prep course can not only improve your chances of success but also prepare you for the long hours’ doctors are expected to work. The following 6 reasons are why an MCAT prep course will significantly help.

1. Keeps You Motivated

In an Interview with Todd Bennett from the Berkeley Review, he stated that the primary reason to take an MCAT prep course is to help you stay motivated and accountable. Whether you have lapses in motivation or perform well under pressure, it can be challenging to keep pushing through if you can’t stay focused.

If you have a hard time keeping to a set schedule, or you’re too busy with work and other courses to prepare, prep courses for the MCAT will keep you on track.

2. Teacher-Lead Classes

Some students prefer to learn independently, while others like to have a mentor or teacher guide them through study materials. While you can look up the information you don’t understand on the web, interacting with a teacher can expand your understanding.

An MCAT prep course lets you ask questions while referring to the physical workbook or lesson in real-time. Students can benefit from having a group of experienced doctors walk them through a complex topic.

3. Improves Your Goal MCAT Score

Whether you’ve taken the MCAT in the past or tried the free practice test, you may have noticed that your score is dipping below-average scores.

The medium MCAT score is between 472 and 528, with 528 being the highest possible score. A good MCAT score is 510 or higher, but to get that high requires a lot of studying. If you want to improve your score by at least 5 points, a prep course can help you squeeze in those extra right answers.

4. Focuses on Weak Sections

Most students that take the MCAT have one section that’s weaker than others. It’s essential to focus on your weakest areas first before improving on an almost perfect score so you can bump up your average.

If you have a perfect score on a section, it likely comes naturally to you and doesn’t require anything more than a few extra hours of review. The MCAT prep course can zone in on your weak points and encourage you to explore those problem sections further.

5. Bundles Material for Time-Crunchers

It’s discouraged to do all of your MCAT studying directly before the exam, but sometimes our schedules become chaotic. If you have a month or less to study, you’ll have a difficult time preparing, even with a prep course.

However, if you have 3 months left, you could use an MCAT prep course to time crunch your study time and potentially get a decent score. Since a prep course contains everything you need to pass, it’s easier to zone in and focus.

6. Helps You Learn Concepts Instead of Memorization

Memorization will be an important component in studying for the MCAT, but it isn’t the primary reason you’re taking this exam. The MCAT wants you to parse through the information and find what’s essential in the content you’re learning.

Many resources, like free prep books and videos, are purely content-based and don’t explore the concepts in full. With an MCAT prep course, you’re taught why you’ll need this information for the exam and beyond.



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