Infants and todlers

Definition of Infant

The term “infants” generally refers to very young children who are in the earliest stage of life, typically from birth up to one year of age. Infancy is a critical time in a child’s development, as they undergo rapid physical and cognitive changes during this period.

During the first few months of life, infants rely primarily on their caregivers for basic needs such as feeding, changing, and nurturing. As they grow and develop, they begin to learn how to interact with the world around them, developing skills such as rolling over, crawling, and eventually walking and talking.

Infants are generally categorized into different stages of development based on their age, with newborns typically defined as being up to 28 days old, and older infants ranging from one month up to 12 months of age. While each child develops at their own pace, there are certain milestones that are generally expected to be met at different stages of infancy, and pediatricians and other healthcare professionals monitor an infant’s growth and development closely to ensure that they are meeting these milestones and are healthy overall.

Definition of todler

A toddler is a young child who is typically between the ages of one and three years old. This stage of development is often marked by significant growth and development in both physical and cognitive abilities.

Toddlers are in a stage of transition from being completely dependent on their caregivers to becoming more independent and self-sufficient. They may begin to develop language skills, take their first steps, and explore the world around them with increasing curiosity and confidence.

During this stage, toddlers may also experience significant emotional and behavioral changes, as they learn to navigate the world and assert their independence. Tantrums and other emotional outbursts may be common as toddlers work to understand their own emotions and the emotions of others.

Overall, the toddler stage is a critical period of development, as children continue to build the foundation for many of the skills and abilities that they will use throughout their lives. It is important for caregivers and parents to provide a safe and supportive environment for toddlers to explore and learn, while also setting appropriate boundaries and providing guidance as needed.


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