Tips for Proper Foot Health

Many people are not aware of the medical specialty of podiatry. Podiatry focuses on complete and holistic care of patients’ foot health, covering such areas as injury, disease, and the effects of such conditions as diabetes and nerve damage.

Dr. Schlomo Schmuel is a podiatrist who practices in Los Angeles. He is an expert physician who is able to solve his patients’ foot problems and bring them a better quality of life.

Dr. Schmuel presents five tips for keeping your feet healthy.

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Focus on a Healthy Weight

More than any other issue, obesity presents problems for foot health. Obesity puts a strain on the muscles and joints in the foot, causing premature wear and tear. Obesity puts a person at a much higher risk for diabetes. Diabetic neuropathy and lower blood circulation are serious problems that can eventually lead to the loss of toes.

By reducing your overall body weight, you will take a great deal of strain off the delicate bones and muscles of your feet. Foot arthritis can be partly caused by too much weight on the joints.

Moisturize and Exfoliate

Dry feet could possibly bleed or crack, causing pain and infections. To prevent dry skin, use a good quality moisturizer on your feet twice a day. Rubbing on the lotion or cream after you have had a shower or bath is particularly effective. Do not rub lotion between your toes, as this could encourage fungal or bacterial infections.

To exfoliate your feet, use a foot file or pumice stone. Do not rub your feet to the point of pain, or you may produce painful areas. The goal is to present a soft, well-moisturized foot without calluses, corns, and hard spots.

Wear Comfortable, Supportive Shoes

People who regularly wear tight or uncomfortable shoes are at a greater risk of nerve damage and arthritis, according to Dr. Schlomo Schmuel. Everyone should wear comfortable and supportive shoes daily. It is fine to wear heels or tight special-occasion shoes once in a while, but feet need to be supported properly for optimum health.

Together with avoiding high-heeled shoes or tight shoes, it is also best to reduce your use of flip-flops or flats.

Dr. Schlomo Schmuel claims that these provide no cushion from hard surfaces and cause you to lose your balance. It is also wise to rotate your shoes so that you are not always wearing the same pair daily.

Nail Care

Always cut your toenails straight across. Use an emery board or file to trim off any sharp corners, which will help to prevent ingrown toenails. Keeping your toenails trimmed will also cause your shoes and socks to last longer.

If you use nail polish on your toes, give your feet a break in between each pedicure. This will help your nails breathe better and promote improved health.


Together with many other conditions, exercise is one of the best ways to ensure that you have healthy feet. Exercise promotes a healthy body weight and ensures that the bones and joints in your feet get a healthy workout.

Stretch your feet regularly and be sure that you always wear supportive athletic shoes when you exercise.

Schlomo Schmuel on Keeping Your Feet Healthy

Dr. Schlomo Schmuel has offered these five tips for people who want to enhance the health of their feet. Taking the time to protect your feet offers health benefits far beyond appearance. Neglecting your feet can lead to painful and embarrassing health conditions.

Above all, keep your feet comfortable. Taking good care of your feet means that you will have proper mobility later in life.

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