Hormone Replacement Therapy May Help You Live A Healthier Life

Hormones are the regulating substances in the body where each hormone has a certain function. In case of hormonal imbalance, health problems might arise.

Understanding and controlling the major hormone functions will help patients take back control of their own health.

Hormonal levels keep on changing in the body due to various reasons which is considered normal. But when certain hormone levels decrease, this might negatively affect overall health. Hence, there is a need of right medication to meet the hormonal gap in the body.

In case the medical treatment is not possible due to some reason, hormone replacement therapy (HRT) may be suggested. HRT is a treatment therapy in which the loss of hormone is replenished through various medications and procedures. Hormone replacement therapy helps individuals to lead a healthy life.

Hormone replacement for improving women’s health

In women, at the age of menopause, there is a significant reduction in the level of estrogen and progesterone (female hormones).

A woman experiencing symptoms of migraine. Image source: vidawellnessandbeauty.com

In such situation, HRT therapy is useful.  It helps in bringing up the level of estrogen to the desirable level and ensures that level of estrogen does not exceed beyond its limit.  It will help in improving the libido of women and help them to enjoy their sexual life even in the late 40s.

HRT is also beneficial for the skin as it reduces the skin dryness and itchiness which is caused due to menopause. HRT induces the female hormones in women which helps in improving the bone density, easing menopause, reduces fatigue, lowers depression level, and reduces the risk of cardiac arrest.

These benefits compel the women at the menopausal age to get the hormone replacement therapy to enjoy a normal life.

Lose your weight with HRT

When a person ages, it becomes increasingly difficult to get control over increasing weight. One of the most common reasons for increasing weight is the hormonal imbalance.

In such condition, the hormone replacement therapy is useful. HRT helps in regulating the right levels of hormones in the body, effectively preventing additional weight gain due to hormonal imbalance.

HRT is capable of restoring body’s ability to lose weight naturally by improving metabolism, which in turn means more calories burnt during the day. Estrogen helps in reducing the sugar cravings and suppresses appetite, which also helps in lowering overall daily calorie intake.

HRT is considered safe to use, but side effect might arise

Bioidentical hormones (rather than synthetic hormones) are used in HRT. Bioidentical hormones are not found in nature, rather they are synthesized from a plant chemical extracted from soy and yams. Nevertheless, this therapy is considered safe for men or women.

These hormones rarely cause any kind of side effects; however, a HRT should be considered only after a recommendation from the expert. Before undergoing HRT its drawbacks should be considered.


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