Vaping Health Facts: The Pros And The Cons

If you’re considering taking up vaping as opposed to taking up traditional smoking or in an attempt to lead a healthier lifestyle, you’ve probably considered the pros and cons.

While there are numerous positives such as being able to customize your e-cigarettes or save money in long run, one of the most important things to consider is whether or not vaping is more beneficial for your health.

To make an accurate decision and decide whether vaping is better for you personally, here are a few pros and cons when it comes to the health facts.

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The Pros

They Contain Fewer Carcinogens

E-cigarettes have been proven to produce a far smaller amount of carcinogens than traditional cigarettes do. This is due to the fact that a lot of the toxins that smokers come into contact with is due to being exposed to cigarette smoke and tobacco.

Since e-cigarettes use vapor via e-juices instead of tobacco, the amount of carcinogens that users come in contact is largely decreased.

Produce Less Toxic Material

Similar to the last point, e-cigarettes also emit less toxic material into the atmosphere. There are a lot of public health concerns regarding the effects that second-hand vapor can those around it, but studies have shown that second-hand vapor actually contains the same amount of carcinogens as ambient air. That means that you’re preventing putting more toxins both out into the environment and keeping them out of your own body.

Safer Alternative For Long-Term Smokers

Even for those who aren’t able to solely stop smoking by using vaping devices, e-cigarettes do appear to be a safer alternative for long-term smokers. Even though some of the e-liquids do also contain certain amounts of nicotine, the levels can be much better controlled by the user, and the amount of toxins are much lesser than those found when traditionally smoking.

The Cons

Still Creates Nicotine Addictions

Despite the fact the vaping does give you more control over how much nicotine you consume, there’s still the fact that a lot of e-liquids do contain the chemical. Even if you aren’t being exposed to the harmful effects of tobacco, nicotine is still a highly addictive drug that alters neurotransmission and could lead to traditional cigarettes use anyway.

Some Liquids Can Be Dangerous

Certain tests have found that some e-liquids can actually release toxic metals when they’re in use, which obviously poses quite a big problem for your general health. A recent study was conducted into finding out what exactly vapers were inhaling, and the results found that e-cigarette users could be inhaling toxic metallic elements as a result of the heating coils used within the devices.

The extent of the health risks regarding these substances are unknown, but it’s clearly not something to be overlooked.

Limited Data On Health Effects

In 2016, the FDA released specific guidelines for e-cigarette manufacturers and stores that cell vape products. However, though there are now some regulations, the industry is still very new and it’s constantly expanding.

In turn, quite a lot of vape products and liquids haven’t been tested to a thorough enough extent to determine whether or not they have serious health effects.

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