5 Reasons Why You Must Consult A Chiropractor During Pregnancy

Symptoms such as back pain, fatigue, and nausea are common during pregnancy. A mother’s body undergoes several physical & physiological changes to develop a healthy environment for the baby. Usually, these changes trigger normal pain and discomfort. However, there are several cases where such changes require longer labor & delivery times and put the mother at considerable risk. Other complications, like breech birth & C-section delivery also follow.

Chiropractors work with proven techniques to lower the above-mentioned risks as much as possible. They contribute significantly towards healthier and successful pregnancies.

Pregnant lady; image source: pexels.com

If you’re pregnant and suffering from symptoms like back pain and nausea, this article will help you. We will be listing five reasons why you should consider visiting a Chiropractor during pregnancy.

Reduced Nausea

Most pregnant women feel nauseated (also called morning sickness) during the first three months. It is extremely inconvenient and can lead to hours of dizziness. A chiropractor works on realigning your spine and enhancing your nervous system’s functionality, thereby limiting the occurrence of nausea and vomiting.

This also balances the hormones, which leads to the reduction of the development or severity of nausea.

Easier Labor and Delivery

The ideal pregnancy period involves less pain and discomfort, especially during the delivery time. Deliveries usually involve hours of labor and effort. Thus, the mother’s body must be prepared for the difficult time. A chiropractor ensures that the mother’s spine, pelvis, and hips are aligned properly and the nerves function optimally. All this can be detrimental during the delivery process.

The nerves regulate the contractions and dilate the cervix during the delivery period. Therefore, a properly functioning nervous system can assure a smooth delivery with minimal pain.

If you want natural childbirth without medications, consider chiropractic care. Chances are, you’ll experience lesser pain, discomfort and the childbirth will require less labor time.

Relief from Back Pain

When the female body is close to the delivery stage, it secretes a relaxin hormone that eases and relaxes all the joints and ligaments in the pelvic region. This also loosens the ligaments around the spine, making it weak. So, the body might experience severe pain during and after the delivery.

A chiropractor can make periodic spinal alignments before delivery and help ease the back pain caused by those loose ligaments & joints due to the natural relaxin production.

Back pains also result due to improper posture in pregnant women. The reason can be attributed to a heavier belly. As the child grows inside the womb, the belly gains weight. This misaligns the spins and leads to severe back pains. A Chiropractor posture treatment ensures that the spine alignment is intact, minimizing the chances of back pain.

Proper Baby Positioning

The ideal delivery procedure involves the baby coming out of the vagina with the head first. However, this isn’t the case every time. When the baby isn’t coming out with the head first, it is known as the breech position.

It can lead to complications like cord prolapse or the need for C-section delivery. A chiropractor ensures a proper pelvic balance, giving the baby enough space to get into the head-first position to come out.

Healthier Overall Pregnancy

The aim of chiropractic care is to work on the nervous system and eliminate any obstructions or tensions that may lead to back pain and discomfort. It also ensures the immune system and various organs of the female body to function properly. This is important because the baby’s immune system is derived from the mother’s.

Moreover, chiropractic care is painless and doesn’t come with any side effects. It is geared towards the optimal health of both the mother and the baby. Imagine a smooth delivery and the baby is born perfectly healthy – which mother doesn’t want this?

Wrapping Up

Pregnancy is a sensitive and critical process. Proper care must be taken of the ligaments and muscles surrounding the spinal and pelvic region.

If you want childbirth free from medication, consider a chiropractor during pregnancy. The information in this article will help you to make an informed decision.


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