Addiction Recovery – Signs it’s Time to go to Rehab

Anyone can fall prey to addiction and substance abuse. It can happen to all of us, regardless of age, gender, race or social background. According to the World Health Organization, approximately 31 million persons worldwide suffer from a drug use disorder and alcohol abuse results in 3.3 million deaths every year.

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These numbers are quite sobering because they show just how widespread substance abuse is amongst the population. The truth is drug and alcohol addiction can creep in on you without even noticing. Some people might think they’re perfectly fine, when in reality they’re far from being all right, but they simply live in denial, ignoring the signs or they just don’t see them.

So how do you know when it’s time to ask for help and accept you need to go to rehab? These signs might be an indicator you should start searching for a rehab facility straight away.

You’re experiencing health issues

In time, substance abuse can lead to serious health issues. In the beginning it might not be that obvious as it can take a while for signs to appear. If you’ve started noticing any changes in your body or you’ve been dealing with health problems lately, it’s probably your body telling you it had too much and you need to stop.

Your relationships are deteriorating

You might not be able to see things as they are, but the ones around you might. Losing touch with your loved ones, distancing yourself from people that were once close to you, not wanting anyone around you can all be signs that your situation is more severe than you think.

You’re losing interest in everything

We all have interests, passions or hobbies that make our lives more pleasant. But when you replace all the activities you were once keen on with drugs or alcohol use, it’s clear things are going in the wrong direction.

You can’t seem to quit

If you’ve been trying to quit drugs or alcohol, but you’ve failed every time, it’s probably best to talk to a professional. Spending some time in a quiet and peaceful place where you can get professional help such as a luxury Malibu rehab might be exactly what you need.

It’s affecting your work

Certain areas of your life are more affected than others. Drug and alcohol abuse usually leave their mark on your work life. Poor work performance, being fired, not being able to keep a job for long are tell-tale signs you should check into rehab.

You’ve had legal problems

Problems with the law are another clear indicator your drug or alcohol use are spiraling out of control and you need professional help. These problems can range from driving under the influence to being drunk in public or even committing acts of violence when under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

You’re lying to others and to yourself

Constantly telling yourself you don’t have a problem with substance abuse, finding excuses for your unhealthy behavior and lying to others about drug or alcohol use point in the same direction: you should go to rehab.



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