3 Most Common Medical Tests That Can Diagnose Heart Health Problems

Going for a medical examination can be daunting. Knowing what to expect when going for an assessment can help to ease any nerves you may have. Mostly, these examinations reveal that our health is fine, and there’s nothing of concern. However, sometimes these check-ups could indicate a potential concerning health issue that needs to be further tested.

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When going for a medical, you might reveal any symptoms or changes to your body you have been experiencing. If these symptoms sound like they could be an issue with your heart, you will go through one or more medical tests to diagnose if you have any heart health problems and identify what it is. Here are several most common medical tests that can diagnose heart health problems.

Blood Tests

Blood tests are performed to measure the levels of substances in your blood. It could be your minerals, vitamins, and blood fats, such as cholesterol. These tests are quickly performed, with a blood sample taken from your arm’s vein. The collected blood is then sent for tests, and the results are returned to your doctor. If your blood tests do not show great concern, you will unlikely have to make another appointment to see your doctor. However, if something is concerning, you will be asked to come back, and your doctor will explain the results.

These tests’ findings could help identify if you have any heart conditions that need to be treated. Results like the cardiac enzymes test can be a sign of a heart problem or a heart attack. Blood tests can also show how much of your heart muscle has been damaged if you have suffered a heart attack.

Cardiac MRI Scan

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Following the results of your blood tests, your doctor might ask that you go for a cardiac MRI scan. It is a non-invasive procedure that creates images of your blood vessels and heart. Sometimes, an individual’s heart anatomy and vessels might be challenging to see. A cardiac MRI scan can help capture images of these difficult-to-see areas.

Of course, your doctor might refer you to the hospital to get this scan. Alternatively, you might choose where you get a cardiac MRI scan. For instance, you might select options such as Circle for a cardiac MRI scan. This is because of the advanced technologies they use. The images produced from a cardiac MRI can provide a clearer picture of the current health condition of your heart. Your doctor and other medical professionals can use the scan’s findings to determine the best course of action.

Cardiac CT Scan

Aside from a cardiac MRI scan, there is also a cardiac CT scan. A cardiac CT scan uses multiple x-rays at different angles to create images of your heart. The scan doesn’t take long to complete, but the results are high-resolution and detailed scan images that provide the medical professionals with a clearer picture of the health of your heart.

These images can show them if you have any heart-related issues with the structure of your heart, the arteries, valves, and the aorta. Like the cardiac MRI scan findings, medical professionals can decide the best route to move forward.

These are just a few of the most common medical tests that can diagnose heart health problems. There are various ways in which a medical professional can diagnose heart disease in an individual. Seeking medical attention as soon as you experience any symptoms or concerns is essential. It allows you to get support and treatment sooner rather than later.


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