5 New Alternative Health Trends That Are Here To Stay

Health is important to all of us but what is surprising is that the advice over what is good for us changes all the time, the old ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ is a little under the recommended, well pretty much everything.

So what are the most recent alternative health trends, here we look at 5 of the most heralded treatments, dietary advice, and trends going around at the moment?

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Fecal Transplants

I know what your first thought is at hearing this phrase, it was certainly mine, however, we are best served to keep an open mind and look at what the benefits are supposed to be.

It is a treatment for a variety of conditions such as bowel conditions amongst much more. It is putting the fecal matter from a healthy donor into the recipient to encourage healthy bacterial growth and once you get past the initial ‘yuck’ factor then the science seems to be for real.

Cortisol Conscious Workouts

In terms of fitness and exercise, there is a new trend in cortisol conscious workouts, which is a low duration, high-intensity approach to working out. Challenging the old perception that long, strenuous, work-outs are the only way to make an increase in fitness and health.

Cortisol is the hormone that triggers the classic flight or flight response and as such stimulates the body in a unique way to maximize response to exercise.

Medicinal Cannabis

The rise of decriminalization and then the legalization of cannabis in so many areas of the USA has given rise to a whole young industry and one that is not likely to be diminishing any time soon.

Growers are no longer hobbyists growing in their garden or their spare room with a few lamps, but rather full-scale commercial farms using professional and specialist growing equipment such as www.trimleaf.com.

Plant-Based Diet

We all know about veganism these days and although still a small percentage of the population is fully practicing a wholly plant-based diet it was only a decade or two ago that many of us wouldn’t have been able to fully explain what a vegan was in comparison to a vegetarian or pescatarian.

With the focus that’s being made on farming practices in the Amazon to produce beef and even soya to be used as cattle feed, it is no surprise that environmental concerns can now be added to the animal cruelty concerns that people are citing as reasons for becoming vegan.

Intermittent Fasting

This is an interesting new dieting and weight-loss method, where you eat normally, or even a small amount more than usual, on most days, usually 5 per week, and then fast or eat a very low-calorie diet on the remaining days of the week.

Another version of this diet is to not eat early in the morning and not late into the evening giving a longer fasting period overnight, and so achieving the fasting aspect of this dieting technique.


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