10 Tips from Experts on How to Lose Pregnancy Weight

One of the most significant issues that moms who recently gave birth face is their extra weight. Although that weight is a regular occurrence after experiencing pregnancy, it causes a lot of mental and emotional issues for moms.

However, there are several tips from experts on how to lose that weight quickly.

Here are some of them.

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Do not set unreasonable expectations


As a mother who recently gave birth, it is essential that you increase your patience on your body. It is unreasonable to expect that your figure will automatically be back to how it was before your pregnancy.

Although that is what social media shows, that is not always the case for everybody. “The best thing that you can do is not to stress yourself out because when you do, you further slow down the process of losing your pregnancy weight. Instead, you must take it easy and enjoy the beginning of motherhood,”says Dr.Karen W, a consultant OBGYN.


Avoid immediate dieting


Many women make the mistake of dieting right after giving birth. Doing this does more harm than good to your body. This is because your body needs to replenish its lost nutrients and minerals from pregnancy.

The best way to do that is to eat correctly. Furthermore, dieting will only make you feel weak, and that will result in being unable to take care of your newborn successfully.




Breastfeeding has been long known to be good for babies. However, did you know that it benefits mothers as well? A study shows that breastfeeding mothers are more likely going to lose 1.68kg in the six months after giving birth than mothers who don’t.

Furthermore, another survey of Danish mothers shows that those who breastfeed experience some weight loss six months after they give birth.

This occurrence is associated with the laborious psychical activities that mothers experience during lactation. Some studies show that the lack of sleep due to breastfeeding is associated with weight loss.


Eat proper meal proportions

Image source: pexels.com


Another advice from an expert on how mothers can lose their pregnancy weight is by eating the right kind of food in the right kind of proportion.

However, this can be difficult given many mothers had a lot of restrictions during their pregnancy. But, if you are dedicated to losing weight, then exercising self-control is a must.


Avoid refined sugar


Refine sugar has been responsible for increasing weight, even for those who have not experienced pregnancy yet. This is why if you lose weight immediately after giving birth, one thing that you can do is to cut off refined sugar. However, this does not mean that you have to let go of your sweet tooth totally.

There are several alternatives to sweets. You can opt for fruits. Not only will they satisfy your sweet tooth, but they also contain beneficial nutrients that you need to stay healthy.



One of the best ways to organically lose your pregnancy weight is through exercising. However, that can be a little difficult given that you will be taking care of a newborn. However, even 15 minutes of light workout goes a long way as long as you get your body moving, and you burn off a couple of calories.

Exercising will also improve your quality of life and motherhood. It helps release positive endorphins and make you stronger.


Drink plenty of water


Another advice from experts on how to lose pregnancy weight is by drinking plenty of water. Water helps curb hunger, which prevents you from overeating. However, this does not mean that you have to go on a 100% water diet because that will only make you weak and lethargic.

Drinking plenty of water should be accompanied by eating correctly as well.




Sleep can be a challenge for new parents. However, if you are a mother who is looking to lose weight, then you should be creative in making sure that you get enough sleep. Sleep regulates body hormones.

These hormones help maintain and reduce body weight. Furthermore, it also improves a mother’s mental and emotional state.


Find your tribe


One of the most significant issues many new mothers experiences after giving birth is the feeling that nobody understands them. This is why experts suggest that mothers also talk to other new mothers.

This way, they can have people who fully understand the things that they are experiencing. This also provides them with the mental and emotional support that they need to lose their pregnancy weight.


Consult a professional


Whether it is a doctor, a fitness coach, or dietician, it is okay for mothers to seek professional help in order to lose weight. In fact, this is the most advisable way for them to lose weight.

This will provide them with medical knowledge on the current state and needs of their bodies. Furthermore, seeking pieces of professional advice will also help mothers undergo the process in a less stressful way. These professionals can also serve as their support system.

Final Thoughts

It is essential for mothers to feel happy about their bodies after giving birth. However, losing weight is not automatic, and it requires hard work.

But, hopefully, the tips given by experts above help them find a healthy way for them to shed those pounds. Mothers are amazing, no matter what their body shape is. It is a testament to their struggle and victory against adversity.



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