Tips for the Proper Care of Virgin Hair

So you’ve finally acquired some Brazilian or Indian virgin hair and it probably wasn’t cheap! Nobody wants to throw away money, so what are the best tips for maintaining virgin hair in tip-top condition?

While virgin hair may be renowned for its authenticity and look due it to being real hair, this means it also has the properties of real hair.

For starters, if you haven’t already, you will want to make sure you wash the hair before you use it to release oils and build-up. Sealants should also be used on the wefts to minimize shedding.

Remember that products you have used on your natural hair may not be appropriate for the virgin hair you’ve procured. Your hair stylist should be able to recommend the right product for its maintenance.

For those who have created lace wigs or other designs, consulting someone who works with the same type hair for their extensions should give you the right information you need.

Say you’ve bought some top-quality Brazilian virgin hair for your lace wig. Some would recommend you use leave-in deep conditioner between washes, and wash the hair once every one or two weeks using a shampoo with ph 7, or neutral shampoo. This is the type of specific advice you should be looking for, not, “A little Pantene Pro-V will do it!”

Try to keep the hair as moist as possible. That means using beauty-curling products that do not rely on heat. It goes without saying that heat is bad for the longevity of hair.

virgin hair

Natural hair grows back and this can cause a little bit of carelessness for virgin hair that does not have that same ability.

Weaving your hair or using a cap before sleep to trap the moisture in is also another way to keep its vibrancy and health, as well as promote a long life for it.

Last, do remember that since what you have bought is virgin hair, you are essentially using borrowed hair. This means that even if it resembles your natural hair to an uncanny degree, you cannot expect it to react the same way.

Somebody else has used that hair for any number of years before you received it. Try out new things and don’t be afraid to experiment when something does not work. If something is wrong, it may be your approach and not because you bought it from a source you suspect sold you awful quality hair. Getting to know your hair is like getting to know a new friend.

Take care of your hair as you would a friend and your virgin hair will never lose its luster.


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