5 Easy Ways to Start Cutting Sugar Out of Your Diet

Sugar is added to many things people eat, so cutting it out can be a little difficult.

The following are five ways you can cut it out of your diet or slowly decrease the consumption of processed sugar.

1) Get Control


One thing you can purchase is something like a keto sugar control supplement. You should get a supplement to help you control your sugar intake because you’ll get cravings. There’s nothing inherently wrong with sugar, but the problem is most people eat processed sugar and they eat too much of it.

You need to teach your body to stop longing for excessive amounts of sugar. The supplement should curb your desire for sugary foods, making your goal much easier to accomplish.

2) Read the Labels

Sugar; image source: pexels.com

Generally speaking, if you are trying to eat something in a can or box, it probably isn’t too natural. Read those labels to make sure that what you eat doesn’t contain sugar. Even when you think you are eating something more natural like dried fruits, sometimes those fruits contain added sugars.

You should look for unsweetened dried fruit if that’s what you want. There are also sugar-free condiments, cereals, and yogurts. Read every label until you find food items with no sugar or the least amount of sugar.

3) Stick to Fresh

Tangerine; image source: pexels.com

Another good idea is to purchase fruit instead of sweetened foods like cookies, pastries, or other similar items. As mentioned earlier, most people want to eat something sweet from time to time, but there are many seasonal fruits out there that can satisfy your desire for something sweet, and most fruit doesn’t contain too much sugar. You can use fruit in almost anything.

Some people use fruit to bake cookies; other folks use fruit in their oatmeal instead of using sugar. Yes, you are going to have to get a little creative, but at least you’ll be cutting out sugar from your diet without avoiding a little sweetness from time to time.

4) Watch Those Drinks

Image source: pexels.com

People usually consume sugar when they drink something. Sodas, regular juices, and other types of drinks sometimes contain sugar. You should avoid buying those if you want to cut out sugar. There’s a lot of alternatives for you, like that trustworthy water, which people should be drinking anyway.

You can also flavor your water with something like mint or cucumber. If you want, you can make tea using a fruit you love. The drink is not going to be as sweet as you are used to, but it still has a nice flavor to it. Remember that tea can be drunk hot, or you can drink it chilled if it’s a hot day.

5) Consider Natural Sweeteners

honey ginger
Image source: pexels.com

There are natural sweeteners you can use whenever you need a little sugar. For example, you can consume xylitol, which is a natural ingredient you can find in fruit. You can also use organic Sucanat, which is an unrefined sugar that still contains some nutrients that are omitted in regular processed sweeteners.

Some people choose to use things like stevia or raw honey to sweeten dishes. Since you are trying to cut down, make sure you don’t use these often until you’ve got control over the amount of sugar you consume.

It is going to be hard to cut out sugar from your diet. There may be times when you fail, but don’t give up on your goal; keep trying because things will get easier for you as your body adjusts.



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