Starting and Sticking to a Fitness Regime

Perhaps you’ve had a wake up call with a recent illness or you just looked at yourself in the mirror and thought, “I can’t put it off any longer!”, there are many reasons for wanting to start, and stick to, a fitness regime.

Be realistic

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We’d all love to be able to work out just twice a week for half an hour and find ourselves with the body of which we’ve always dreamed. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way. Look at your current commitments in terms of family, work and hobbies.

How much time do you have per week that you can dedicate to fitness? Don’t forget to consider your travel time as well. Once you have worked that out, set yourself a small goal to begin with.

Thinking big is great, but when it takes nine months to achieve a large goal, you may feel put off. Smaller, more achievable targets are much more productive. You’ll also need to budget. Figure out how much money you have left over each month that you are able to dedicate to this regime.

Find something you enjoy

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If you enjoy going to the gym, that’s fantastic. However, we all know that environment does not suit every one of us. We all have unique goals as well as likes and dislikes. If you are self-motivated, the gym could be a great option. It is still worth seeking the advice of a qualified personal trainer to set you a specific plan to help you meet your goals.

If you need others to push you to your limits, a personal trainer on a weekly basis may be better. They are able to offer you a personalised training plan that you can follow at home as well as during your sessions with them.

Group fitness is a great option for the socialisers among us. Zumba classes show no sign of waning in popularity and they offer several different options now depending on your fitness level and requirements. For a cheap form of exercise, lace up your sneakers and set off out for a power walk.

Staying power

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Often it can take several weeks to see a change in the way your body looks, so it is important to stick to it as closely as possible. The scales are not the only way you can measure your progress. Ensure you take plenty of measurements too. Often, weight might not have changed, but inches could have been lost.

Injuries do happen, unfortunately, but don’t let them stop you from doing some sort of physical activity, even if you have to tone down the energy levels somewhat. This tennis elbow strap on amazon could be the perfect solution if you’re struggling with elbow pain.

Tennis elbow is usually caused by repeated action during sports such as tennis and golf. Strapping up your elbow can allow other forms of activity to be undertaken to stop your routine from falling by the wayside. For a lower risk of injury, ensure you warm up and cool down prior to and following all forms of exercise.

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