5 Reasons to Join a Group Exercise Class

If you’ve ever considered joining a group exercise class but haven’t quite got around to signing up for one, or maybe you’re a member of a gym and have always wondered what goes on next door in the fitness studio, then now is the time to find out.

Group exercise classes can be more than just a way of keeping fit and healthy as it also provides you with the opportunity to meet new people and feel a part of something.

There are many different classes to choose from too, including; Indoor Cycling (Spinning), High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Kickboxing, Step Aerobics and Yoga.

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1. Motivation

We all live busy lives and sometimes it can be hard to motivate ourselves to get up early for that run or go to the gym after work. In the vast majority of cases you need to book a group exercise class and pay for it which will provide you with a greater level of motivation to get yourself along and work out.

You are also likely to push yourself harder when you’re in a group opposed to when you are working out alone as you have the encouragement of your instructor and your fellow class members.

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2. Social interaction

Exercise classes are a great way of meeting people with common interests and similar fitness goals. It gives you the chance to get to know people from your area too and you may even become friends outside of the fitness studio.

Although instructors will push you hard in order to help you to achieve the results you desire, there is always time for some lighthearted fun and camaraderie which can make you look forward to your next class even more.

3. Advice from Qualified Instructors

Qualified Instructors will get the best out of you by providing you with great motivation. They will also teach you the correct form when you’re carrying out exercises which is important in preventing injury and gaining maximum results from your workouts.

Furthermore, Instructors will provide you with dietary tips if you are looking to lose weight and answer any other queries you may have concerning your health and fitness.

If you are after weight loss of muscle gain an instructor will help you select quality supplements to enhance your results.

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4. Choice

You can choose the class which will best suit your fitness goals. If your aim is to lose weight and improve your cardiovascular fitness then joining a group exercise class that involves aerobic training like aerobic dance or spinning could benefit you.

If you want to improve your core strength then classes which involve weightlifting and bodyweight exercises would be more suitable.

If you want to get stronger and lose weight then you could even attend a strength and aerobic class over the course of a week.

5. Be Inspired and Inspire others

You can gain inspiration from your fellow class members when you see the progress they’ve made when sticking to group exercise classes. Also, when your friends start to see the physical changes in your appearance then they may also be inspired to come along and give it a go!

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