25 Interesting Facts About the Human Body

Here’s 25 interesting facts about your body that you probably did not know about.

It’s both interesting and fun. Read and share.

Did you know that…

1) The brain weighs about 50 oz (1.5 kilograms) which is about 2% of average human weight. On the other hand, the brain consumes about 20% of energy and about 20% of oxygen.

2) When you touch something with your fingers, the information is transferred to the brain with a speed of about 120 mph (200km/h).

3) You brain contains about 75% water. It looks like tofu or jelly.

4) You make about 23.000 breath-ins per day.

5) Your heart beats 100.000 times per day on average.

6) Your body consists of so much carbon that you produce 900 pencils out of it!

7) Your tongue is, relative to its size, the strongest muscle in your body.

8) An adult winks every 4 seconds while babies only wink once per minute. If you were to add up the time of eyes being shut when winking that would account for 1 year and 2 months of your life.

9) You produce 2 pints (1 liter) of saliva per day. In your whole life you produce so much saliva that you could top up 2 swimming pools with it.

10) Most humans cannot move ears.

11) Your nose can recognize about 50.000 different smells.

12) If a man would never shave his beard in his whole life, the beard would grow about 9 meters long.

13) People with higher IQ dream more often.

14) On average you have about 100.000 hair. You lose about 100 hair per day. One hair life span is about 3 to 7 years.

15) If you’ve blond hair than you most probably have most hair – about 146.000. On the other side ginger have the least hair – about 90.000. On average, people have about 100.000 hair.

16) Your body consists of 600 muscles. It takes 200 muscles to make one step!

17) Your body consists of 206 bones. Legs and hands are constructed of more than 103 bones in total.

18) Your body consists of about 14 pints (6.5 liters) of blood. Blood travels about 11.800 miles (19.000 kilometers) per day.

19) The length of all of your veins, aorta and capillaries is about 60.000 miles (96.000 kilometers).

20) Livers perform more than 500 different functions and have an incredible ability of regenerating itself.

21) You can live 30 days without food, about 3 days without water, but only about 3 minutes without oxygen.

22) About 90% of nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine.

23) You can stay awake for about 11 days. You will start hallucinating after a few days.

24) When you wake up in the morning, you are about 1 centimeter taller than in the evening.

25) You cannot tickle yourself because your brain prepares for tickling so that your body does not react to it.

Yes, human body really is an interesting machine. And above all it has the greatest ability to repair itself! Amazing!


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