4 Reasons to invest in a water filter pitcher

Your family’s safety may be one of your top priorities in life. You’ve made sure that your house is safe by purchasing the latest security system. You’ve also made sure that everyone eats healthy, drinks vitamins and other supplements.

But you may have neglected one very important thing and that is the water that you drink. Many families believe that tap water is safe enough to drink.

Tap water; image source: pexels.com

Clean water is a basic need of people, and you may not realize it but the water from your tap may pose some health risks as tap water is not always safe and clean.

As it travels from its source to your faucet, it may bring with it contaminants. Some of these contaminants may be chlorine, bacteria and even mercury to name a few. Although the water may be disinfected, there is no assurance that it perfectly safe.

To eliminate any doubt about the safety of the water that you drink, it would be a smart idea to invest in a water filter pitcher. Check out the reasons why this is a smart investment.

1. You can save money and save the environment

For people who are afraid to drink the tap water, what they do instead is buy so many bottled water instead. But aside from the fact that you are also not sure that the bottled water has been purified, it can also be very expensive.

Not only that, all the plastic bottles are not doing anything good for the environment, so it’s better to use a water filter pitcher instead.

2. They are easy to maintain

There are many types of water filtration system. Some, like the water filter pitcher, is easy enough to use. You don’t need to know a lot about technical stuff to use it. All you need to do is read the manual carefully in order to make sure that it would work properly.

Other filtration systems require too much maintenance and there may be additional costs you need to pay for when it needs to be maintained or it gets damaged.

3. If you purchase an alkaline water pitcher, it can boost your immune system

One of the most popular types of filter system is one that produces alkaline water. For those who do not know, alkaline is less acidic than the tap water that everyone is used to. Because of its decreased acidity, there are more compounds such as magnesium and calcium which helps neutralizes the acid in our bloodstream.

This will result in a better-balanced Ph level in our bodies. Also, the antioxidants in the alkaline water greatly help in fighting diseases.

4. You can bring it with you anywhere you go

What’s great about the water filter pitcher is that it is portable, unlike other systems that need to be attached to the source or faucet.

This way, when you go on a road trip or even abroad, you can bring it with you and be assured that you and your family will be drinking safe and clean water.

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