Four Ways to Support the Aging Healthcare Workforce

According to the United States Senate’s Special Committee on Aging, almost a quarter of the entire US workforce will consist of workers over 55 years old by 2026. Improved life expectancy translates to employees holding their job posts longer. This is a trend observed among employees in the healthcare sector.

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Apart from the financial rewards of employment, more people continue to work beyond the average retirement age for the inherent benefits and value of working, such as increased feelings of self-worth, accomplishment, and social interactions, to name a few. Therefore, it is imperative now more than ever to support an aging workforce to fill in the need for quality care in the healthcare industry. Here are ways that organizations can show their support to an aging healthcare workforce.

Steer clear of stereotypes

An organization that pigeonholes older workers who aren’t as proficient in technology is inarguably unprofessional. Additionally, this practice contributes to a dangerous healthcare setting. Sticking to stereotypes creates division and animosity instead of bringing professionals together to work towards a common goal. An excellent medical recruitment company understands the needs of aging healthcare personnel and healthcare organizations. They move past labels and recognize the value of improving the delivery of care to patients. A healthcare unit consisting of professionals across different age groups brings a wealth of opportunities to any healthcare organization.

Identify the needs of older workers

Every employee will have their own set of expectations from the organization they work for, but there seems to be a trend regarding the needs of older healthcare professionals. Hence, it is crucial to establish clear communication lines between them. Learn about their opinions on particular issues, such as their criteria of what makes an excellent workforce, or things that will encourage them to perform better at work.

Establish and uphold an excellent working environment

Older healthcare workers are more susceptible to health issues. With a big number of the workforce suffering from some chronic medical condition, you must establish and uphold a pleasant working environment. Organizations must implement health and well-being policies that address potential health problems among this age group to keep their valuable service longer. Overhauling health insurance and disability plans, as well as improving employee retirement plans, will encourage workers to take good care of their health.

Offer competitive wages and flexible working hours

To create a more conducive workplace for older healthcare workers, it’s a good idea to allow them to work on a flexible schedule. There are various ways by which an organization can offer flexibility. Opening part-time posts and seasonal positions, and hiring retirees for short-term projects are ways to support an aging workforce in the healthcare industry.

Final thoughts

Innovative ideas from fresh minds, combined with knowledge and experience from seasoned professionals, result in a highly effective and efficient workplace. Supporting an aging workforce delivers excellent value to healthcare organizations and employees alike. By creating a plan geared towards improving the conditions of older professionals, you can ensure the efficiency, profitability, and better delivery of quality care to patients.


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