Home Workouts to Gain Muscle Without Equipment

Many people are conscious about their health, and there are those who want to build their muscles for a better physique. The gym is a great place to get in shape, and there are professional trainers to help you out. However, some people cannot go to the gym for various reasons such as having a tight schedule, long travel time, and overcrowding.

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The best solution would be to stay at home and do workouts even without equipment to gain muscle. Here are some activities that you can do.


For beginners, you should start gradually by walking or jogging slowly around your vicinity. This will eventually increase your strength and stamina over time. After a few days of doing this, you may feel more energetic, and your body will be looking for more. You can begin by running slowly and increase your speed in short distances as you build your leg muscles and strengthen your cardiovascular system. Running is an excellent way of building muscles and boosts your physical and mental state.


One of the most effective ways to build your upper body muscles is doing push-ups. It also trains body muscles on your chest, shoulders, arms, and back. You may start by leaning on the wall, on some doors, or anywhere you can push up at an angle. When you feel you’re getting stronger, you can do the push-ups on the floor, which helps you increase your biceps and triceps muscles.


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One of the most difficult muscles to develop is the abdominal muscle. With the right will and determination, you can achieve building your abdominal muscles in no time. Crunches are an effective workout in strengthening your overall core muscles. You may begin with five to ten crunches each day, then increase the numbers eventually.


Another effective way of increasing the muscles in your upper body is dips. Using your own body weight in performing dips is a popular way of home workouts for many people. You can do this workout on your sofa or any chair in your home.


Pull-ups are one of the most popular upper body workouts targeting your back, chest, shoulders, and arms muscles. This can be difficult for beginners, so you can start by doing flat pull-ups and advance your level as you get stronger. This workout can help you gain your biceps and triceps muscles.


A squat; image source: physiolounge.co.uk

Squats are one of the most convenient ways of having home workouts that can increase your legs and back muscles. It also helps you stabilize your balance and core by building your thigh muscles and strengthening your lower back.

Bodyweight Workouts

Challenging your body by utilizing your own weight for home workouts is the best way to gain muscles without using any equipment. As you progress with these workouts, you may increase the difficulties that will require higher body tension to achieve massive strength gains. You may also want to check https://steelsupplements.com/ for some supplements to support your energy for your home workouts.

Build Your Muscles Faster

Building your muscles at home will develop faster metabolism and reduce fat storage in your body. Our bodies naturally stop the growth of muscles, which we should counter by following these steps:

  • Train passionately – Doing simple exercises will make you stronger, but you need progressions to see better results.
  • Easy workouts – You should start simple workouts first if you are a beginner, which will prevent injuries.
  • Document your workouts – You should keep track of your activities to determine your results.

Takeaways: Get Enough Rest

Don’t forget to get enough rest before and after your workout. It is vital that your body goes through recovery and grows torn muscles. Experts state that you can do five days of activities a week and allow your muscles to repair themselves during rest.


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