1200 calorie diet

A 1200 calorie diet plan is suitable for a healthy individual who wants to lose weight in a shorter time frame. Remember that results are not going to last if you will return to your old lifestyle after finishing the diet.

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1200 calorie diet plan

We have prepared several different menus for each day of the week. If you follow this diet you will consume about 1100 to 1300 calories per day which is very low, even for women, so make sure you know what you are doing. Extreme diets can also do harm to your body.

See below prepared menus for monday, tuesday and wednesday. Food contains meat, vegetables and fruits so it gives you all the vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates and proteins you need.

Note: 1 gram equals 0.03 oz

1200 calorie 7 days menu

1200 calorie diet plan; Monday through Wednesday
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Breakfast juice of two oranges, low fat yogurt and 3 tablespoons of muesli. juice of one orange, a cup of tea and a slice of whole grain bread 1 low fat yoghurt with three tablespoons of muesli and 1 glass of orange juice
Morning snack a cup of cooked rice 1 apple 2 kiwis
Lunch 180 g of white fish, baked without fat, 150 g of green beans, pastries or whole wheat bun. salad of tomato puree and 100 g mozzarella with basil and olive oil, a soybean cake 200 g of white fish prepared in a frying pan, without fat, cooked vegetables and a piece of whole wheat bread
Afternoon snack 1 apple 1 low fat yoghurt 1 banana
Dinner 70 g of pasta with tomato sauce and 1 hard-boiled egg 70g spaghetti with cooked vegetables, seasoned with tomato sauce and sage 60 g whole grain pasta with 100 grams of green beans and salad

Below are the menus for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Don’t cheat yourself and follow the diet every day for best results

1200 calorie diet plan; Thursday trough Sunday
Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Breakfast one cup of tea, 1 apple, whole grain toast with low-calorie jam 1 glass of low fat milk with three tablespoons of flakes juice from one carrot, 2 pieces of toast with low-calorie jam a cup of tea, 1 orange, 5 whole grain biscuits
Morning snack 1 low fat yoghurt 1 pear 1 banana 1 low fat yoghurt
Lunch 200 g of cooked green beans and cooked carrots (1 medium carrot), 100 g of shrimps prepared in a frying pan without fat 150 g of lettuce with a hard-boiled egg, half an apple, 4 nuts and a piece of whole wheat bread, light sauce 150 g of chicken breasts grilled without oil, green salad lentil sauce with beets and carrots
Afternoon snack 1 apple 1 low fat yoghurt 1 light fruit yogurt (preferably sugar-free) carrot and lemon juice
Dinner 60 g of rice along with a 30 g of beef and 150 g of grated carrots thick vegetable soup with 40 g of pasta and 30 g of low fat cheese 50 grams of cooked rice along with 150 g of zucchini and a slice of whole wheat bread omelette made with one egg with 60 g of rice and 100 grams of spinach, a soybean cake

With this 1200 calorie diet you will be able to lose about 2-4 kilograms in one month, depending on what your calorie deficit is. Also keep in mind that you will not lose fat exclusively, so 4 kilograms of weight loss does not mean 4 kilograms of fat loss (1 kilogram is about 2.2 pounds).

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