Vaser Lipo Pros and Cons

Vaser liposuction is an innovative treatment that utilizes ultrasonic technology in order to remove fat for body contouring.

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This minimally-invasive process uses ultrasonic energy in order to break up fat deposits in the target area. Surgeons use small incisions to inject a liquid into the fat that is broken up in order to facilitate suction for removal purposes. Vaser Liposuction is not dangerous.

Pros of Vaser Lipo

There are many reasons for patients to opt for Vaser lipo (vaser liposuction) over traditional liposuction methods.

  • As a minimally-invasive treatment, Vaser lipo typically requires less recovery time than tradition lipo.
    Most people recover completely from any pain or swelling within three to four weeks. Complete results can be seen in as little as 12 weeks.
  • The use of ultrasonic technology allows doctors to better target problem areas.
    Instead of removing fat over a general area, surgeons are able to pinpoint problem areas in order to break up and remove fat for optimal contouring.
  • Ultrasonic technology allows for small incisions to be used for the purpose of injecting fluid into the body to facilitate suction.
    The fact that these incisions are small and Vaser is targeted means that there is less of a chance that skin will be torn during the procedure. This can result in a reduction in pain, swelling and bleeding.
  • Emulsifying the fat during the process allows surgeons to break down and remove hard deposits.
    Traditional lipo may only be able to target soft fat for limited results.
  • Vaser is quick and can have patients out of the surgery room and into recovery in a short period of time.
  • Targeted sculpting means that people who undergo Vaser can achieve a contoured, athletic look with the procedure.
    Instead of just removing the fat, Vaser is able to smooth problem areas.

Cons of Vaser Lipo

While there are many benefits to Vaser lipo, all surgeries come with drawbacks that should be considered before a person schedules a surgery date.

  • Scarring is common because of the extensive nature of Vaser lipo.
    People who are considering this treatment should opt for a cosmetic surgeon who is skilled at minimizing the appearance of scars related to the surgery.
  • Pain and numbness can last for several weeks following the procedure.
    Properly adhering to medical advice related to the recovery process can minimize the severity and duration of pain and numbness.
  • It takes a considerable amount of time for patients to see the final results of the procedure.
    Most people do not see the final results for four to six months. Determining whether the procedure was a success can be difficult when it takes so long for these results to be realized.
  • Inflammation is a common side effect of Vaser lipo.
    Mild inflammation is normal, but some people may experience severe inflammation that requires the use of an anti-inflammatory medication throughout the recovery process.

The Bottom Line

Vaser lipo is a minimally-invasive cosmetic treatment that uses ultrasonic technology to provide targeted results.

Patients who review the expertise of the cosmetic surgeons they are considering have the best results with the procedure.


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