How to Break the Spell of Ageing?

Human skin is the biggest organ. Over the years skin loses its elasticity and gradually becomes more and more wrinkled and loose. This happens because the underlying structure of skin changes due to ageing.

Ageing process is affected by many factors, the most important being inherited characteristics (genes) as well as the individual’s life habits. Smokers and alcoholics for example age faster and their skin appears much older than it actually is.

There are ways to brake the spell of ageing

Modern medicine offers ways to slow down or even revert the effects of ageing. In general, there are two options. Surgical and non-surgical procedures.

While some people chose (chemical) peeling or Botox injections, others find surgical facelifts to be more effective. Surgical facelift is available in several forms, depending on what the individual has in mind. Before you opt for something like this, surgeons advise that it is a good idea to have realistic expectations and know the limitations of this procedure.

Who is a good candidate for facelifting?

People often consider facelifting in their fifties or sixties. A surgeon will, according to state of skin on cheeks and neck, determine whether a person is suitable for surgery or not.

If damage done to skin can be reverted using non-surgical methods (for example peeling or using Botox) the surgeon will not advise surgery. The latter can be used to correct small irregularities on skin. If results are below expectations, it is possible to resort to surgery.

Facelifting might affect face mimic

The outer structure of human face is a very delicate area. Changing the appearance of skin on human face by undergoing an operation may alter under-skin bonding layer which controls movement of muscles on the face. Humans express feelings using face mimic.

This is something every aesthetic surgeon must keep in mind. A wrong course of operation might lead to “artificial” or “plastic” look of a patient which is not desired.

Botox injections and why are they safe

Botulinum toxin (known as Botox) is a natural purified protein produced by the bacterium called Clostridium botulinum. By injecting Botox a surgeon impairs the muscle (impairment lasts 3 to 6 months).

Botox weakens the muscle and as a result wrinkles are released (wrinkles are caused by excessively contracted face muscles). A method using Botox injections is considered non-surgical facelift.

When to use Botox?

Botulinum toxin (Botox) is a safe, effective and quick solution when you want to:

  • smooth the vertical wrinkles between the eyebrows,
  • smooth out wrinkles on the outer corners of the eye (called “duck paw” or “smile lines”)
  • smooth out wrinkles on the forehead, nose, neck, upper lip,
  • raise the position of the eyebrows.

Botox is also used to treat excessive sweating (Hyperhidrosis), because it paralyses the sweat glands. It is usually injected into the hands, feet or armpits. Therapy works from 8 to 12 months.

Botulinum toxin is the right choice for the treatment of medium or strongly expressed facial wrinkles that are caused by excessive muscle contraction and ageing process.


  1. I’m 38 and I’ve been trying really hard to keep myself in good condition. For my weight gain, I work really hard to maintain the pound. For the skin I’ve been taking in lot of water and fruits. But, what concerns me a lot is my nose. Recently only I started noticing my nose, it is becoming bigger, or say, bulging. It is freaking me out. I’ve took consulting from Dr. Solomon and he gave the option of Rhinoplasty. Is it the only solution available?


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