Is Brushing Enough? No! 5 Habits it Really Takes to Keep Your Teeth in Top Shape

Most people learn how to care for their teeth at an early age. But habits are hard to keep, and you’d be surprised how many people have simply let busy life and bad habits get in the way of keeping their teeth in shape.

It takes more than just a daily brushing to keep teeth at their best. Anything less than these tips that we’re about to share with you may not be enough to keep your teeth into old age.

If you haven’t had the chance to go to the dentist in a while, take advantage of the following advice because it’s what you’d hear from a dental professional…

Brush your teeth up to three times a day

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This one goes without saying but so many people are far too busy to keep up to it. Many people live by just once or twice a day, and thinking that’s enough. It’s not. brushing up to three times is the mandatory minimum, not something to strive for. If you eat particularly acidic meals or drink a lot of sugary drinks, you might want to brush them even more often!

Try brushing lightly after every meal and see how you get on. If you eat out a lot and think this is going to be inconvenient, you can try a compact toothbrush that fits into your pocket or bag.

Avoid acidic meals

While fruit is good for you, you might want to make sure you brush after you’ve eaten them. That’s because the acid in some of these foods can be harmful to your teeth.

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Avoid sodas and fizzy drinks

If there’s one type of drink that harms your teeth bigtime, it’s soft drinks and fizzy sodas. Not only is the sugar bad for your general health but it’s also bad for your teeth. These sort of drinks should be seen as a treat rather than a regular staple.

A couple a week is fine (if you brush afterwards), but multiple cans of soda are bad for you. They are both bad for your teeth and your general health. Junk food and processed meals can also be bad for your teeth, so avoid them, too.

Floss regularly

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While most people keep up their brushing routine fairly well – many forget to floss altogether. You might not need to floss every day, but try and do it a few times a week at least. Definitely do it whenever you can tell that something large is caught in your teeth.

Visit your dentist regularly

If you don’t have a dentist you can rely on, find one. If you haven’t been for years, you’re making a mistake. Many dentists have tons of new options that have taken the industry by storm in recent years and you might be surprised what they can do for your teeth. Damage can be repaired, and everything hurts less than it used to

A good dental practice will not only offer a range of regular dentistry services, but also hygiene checks, teeth whitening and more. If you think you’d like to change the shape of your teeth, you might want to ask what options are available.

While many will refer you to a separate orthodontist, some big practices will have them in-house.

Invisalign braces have taken the dental industry by storm in recent years and are an unobtrusive way to fix the structure of your teeth while being barely noticeable.



  1. Yes, sometimes we need to be reminded of the good habits we need to maintain. So I am tagging my 12-year-old daughter to read this so she will remind me and of course a reminder for her at the same time.


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