10 Cute Pixie Cuts for Round Face in 2017

Got tired of styling your long hair every morning? Check these pixie cuts that are going to be all the rage this winter.

They are easy to style and keep in place all day long and suit almost everyone, even if you’ve always thought “oh, it’s definitely not for me”.

There are many different types of pixie cuts and here we will look closer at those for round faces. If you need more pixie hairstyles, check therighthairstyles.com for inspiration.

long undercut pixie cut with choppy ends for straight dark brown hair
Long undercut pixie cut with choppy ends; image source: stylicy.com

While women with round faces often try to hide them under the long haircuts, cute pixie haircut can actually be a perfect choice. It makes you look younger and attracts attention to the face features without making your face look too heavy. On this page, we’ve chosen 10 pixie haircut ideas that can bring the new life to your style.

1.   Long pixie cut

Well, this is the nice option when you want to try something new but don’t want to cut it too short. There are many types of long pixie haircut for round faces but all of them make the face look slimmer and add a little bit of retro mood to the style.

When it comes to long pixies, you can wear them nice and polished to achieve the more classic look or make it messy to look younger and more right-on.

2.   Super-short pixie

This one is on the opposite side of the long pixie-like hairstyles. If you have enough guts to cut the most part of your hair, the extremely short pixie cut will complement and lighten the face and draw attention to your eyes and lips.

This is also a good choice for women who do sports or just don’t have much time to spend on the hairstyle in the morning as with this one you can get straight to work without even looking in the mirror.

3.   Pixie with a long fringe

Long layered bangs over the forehead can balance the shape of the face and make it look not-so-round. The best way is to make the fringe fall on one side of your face as a nice wave which is easy to do with a hairdryer and a drop of styling spray.

4.   Curly pixie

If you have curly hair, you’ve probably heard that you should avoid short haircuts and keep your hair long and wavy. Fortunately, 2017 will turn things upside down and you can finally get the cut you’ve always been dreaming about.

The pixie cut looks gorgeous on curly hair if you keep the longer bangs on the sides and blow-dry the hair upwards. And adding a little bit of texture spray or a styling clay will turn this easy hairstyle into the perfect party-option.

5.   Asymmetrical pixie

Most of the round faces are pretty symmetrical (lucky you) so you can let yourself wear a messy hairstyle with bangs of different length.

There are several variants: you can either keep one side long and shave the other side to get the more rebellious look or keep it more wearable and create the nice layers all over the head.

6.   Bright short haircut

Bright hair has been on the top of the wave in 2016 and will continue its way to 2017. If you’ve been afraid to damage your long hair with hair-color, now you can just cut it off and paint any color you like. Bright and pastel short style will definitely be the top pixie haircut for round face of 2017.

7.   Long on the front, short on the back

If you are afraid of too short and edgy pixie cuts for round faces, try this soft and stylish look with long hair on the front and on the sides of your head and very short (or even shaved) back of the neck.

Long side-bangs will create a soft line around the face making it more oval while short back will make the cut look more state-of-the-art.

8.   Side-swept fringe

Another variation of short-to-long pixie cut is the long fringe swept to one side of the head. This haircut will demand a couple of minutes in the morning to style but in return, you will get a modern yet wearable look that doesn’t make the round face look even fuller.

9.   Sleek pixie

Pixie cuts tend to look messy so if you don’t want to get the “I woke up like this look” you can choose the short and sleek type of pixie with all the hair styled in one direction. It is perfect both for the office and the casual attire but will not suit women with curly or wavy hair as it will take a lot of time to straighten them.

10. Blonde pixie

Pixie haircut comes in handy when you want to try different hair colors and is especially cool for blonde shades. Adding the hints of platinum blonde to the end while keeping it warmer on the roots will bring a lot of volume to the hairstyle and keep the cut trendy for 2017.

When the New Year is coming, it’s nice to try something unusual and get rid of things that keep you in the past. So why won’t it be your hair? If you liked our ideas about pixie cuts, round face is not the barrier — you just need the right shape and a good hair stylist.

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