5 Most Popular Tattoo Styles

This kind of art has gone through a lot of transformations both in terms of technical performance and how tattoos are perceived in society. They used to be done using some impromptu means like a needle and ink and were usually perceived as a marker of a particular culture, ethnicity, or group.

Today, there is a range of equipment and special materials created for tattoo experts. What is more important, the biased attitude towards people having permanent pictures on their bodies is no longer such an issue.

Yes, there are several limitations in terms of job acquisition and rather specific matters varying from one person to another. However, they are comparatively insignificant. The majority of opposers have come to terms with this cultural phenomenon. Finally, for some people, tattoos play an important therapeutic role. They can cover old scars and the painful history behind them.

However, in most cases, it’s not about functionality but esthetics. Fashion doesn’t pass by any area, and the world of tattoos is not an exception. And if you hesitate whether to order a couple of essays from a EssayPro service or save up that money for a tattoo, you might be first interested in what the current trends are.


As it is clear from the name, this style is not about colored pictures. This kind of tattoo can be both small and occupy whole parts of the body with the elements completely filled with black (sometimes, deep blue) ink. Geometric and repeating patterns often complement it.

Image source: unsplash.com

This choice is suitable for those who can withstand a tattoo session lasting for several hours. Maybe, it will require two or three sessions to improve or finish the work. If you consider getting a voluminous blackwork picture, take into account that the filling of large areas of skin with ink is more painful.


Whether you’re a real fan of minimalism or just afraid of having a big tattoo, this style is perfect for you. Usually, it features some text or small pictures with few elements and colors.

Image source: unsplash.com

For some people, it’s the only way to decorate their body with something valuable for them and, at the same time, not risk being banned from a job or a public place. However unfortunate the latter can be, small and sophisticated tattoos also have their advantages:

  • low cost;
  • quick session without much pain;
  • it is easy to cover it with another picture as some time passes.


Although many people fancy this style for its impressive power of storytelling, tattoo sleeves do not always consist of images that make sense. Instead, they have a high esthetic value. It’s just like the abstract piece of art you may not clearly understand but still adore for its perfect combination of colors and shapes.

Image source: unsplash.com

Obviously, sleeves cost a bundle and may require 6 months to be done, if not more. But they are worth it, in the end. Just make sure you and the artist agree on every detail of the picture and prepare the sketch carefully.


This style has a name that is pretty self-explanatory. The artists specializing in it create powerful images by drawing lines only. As a result, such tattoos look neat and smooth. Linework is also used to re-create abstract art on human skin as well as draw silhouettes and futuristic geometric objects.

Image source: unsplash.com

Often, it’s combined with dot work and has tender engravings and regular shading. Such pictures are rarely painted in different colors, which also makes the style a close relative to blackwork.


Irezumi itself means ‘tattoo’ in Japanese. It’s deeply rooted in the cultural references of the country. The most contradictory thing is that Japan actually won’t welcome you if you have inked skin. The same applies to its citizens.

Meanwhile, people from other countries have gladly adopted various tattoo styles, including Irezumi. It usually features koi, dragons, tigers, other animals and creatures from myths as well as deities and elements of Japanese culture.

Image source: gettyimages.com

The complexity and costs of making a full ‘bodysuit’ in Irezumi style are pretty high, leave alone the pain one may experience. Yet, the popularity of Japanese tattoos has grown tremendously in recent years.

Such pictures are made in pieces – just like the sleeves – and require a lot of patience. However, eventually, they become a true piece of art that lasts on your skin in ink and may even tell a story.


The styles mentioned above are just a few of those one can choose. If you visit studios, you will probably meet the artists who also work with such styles as realism, portrait tattoo, old school, and many others.

All you need to consider is the level of the artist’s expertise, the sketch, and your career or other kinds of plans. That way, you will be able to come up with a tattoo that will please your eye and won’t influence your future negatively.


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