Healthy smoothie recipes

Smoothie is a mix of fruits and vegetables, mixed in a blender.

There are many recipes available on the Internet that you can try, but it can also be very creative mix of your own. Just get creative!

We have prepared a list of 5 smoothies for your consideration.

Our list of smoothies:
1) Fruit smoothie
2) Vegetable smoothie
3) Mixed smoothie
4) Nutritious smoothie
5) Delicious smoothie

A smoothie is always a healthy choice. It is so easily prepared in no time. People love to eat / drink smoothies because they are quickly prepared and very healthy at the same time.

Tips and tricks on how to prepare a healthy smoothie

  • Use fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Cut the fruits and vegetables in smaller pieces so that they will blend easily.
  • Use yoghurt or apple/orange juice to make smoothie more drinkable.
  • Throw in some honey or dark chocolate to make smoothie sweeter. Avoid using white sugar. Read why dark chocolate is so healthy.
  • Use ice cubes! Make your smoothie cooler.
  • Throw in some nuts to power the smoothies withomega 3.
  • Consume your smoothie when it’s done, don’t drink it the next day.


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