People love the idea of getting back to grassroots and the idea of Do It Yourself Projects. People started growing their own vegetable gardens, sewing their own prom dresses, and building their own lawn furniture with helpful hints from YouTube, Pinterest, and...

The swelling associated with lymphedema can occur on different parts of the body and with varying levels of severity. Treatment depends on the individual, and can range from simple physical therapy to surgery. Lymphedema causes swelling because of a buildup of...

The general attitude towards liposuction is that is it an easy and fast fix for weight problems that patients are too “lazy” or “busy” to deal...

Since physical activity is an integral part of your health it is important that you also exercise during your vacation or business trip. Nowadays all...

As our dependence upon modern, Western medicine has increased, we have turned away from the older concepts, which, when examined prove to be efficacious...

As a person ages, it is important they do everything they can to keep their energy high. High energy contributes to good health and an active and satisfying...

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