For men, middle age and hair loss go hand in hand. As soon as you hit that 40’s mark, the tell tale signs of thinning hair start manifesting themselves. Hairline is the first to disappear, followed by appearance of bald patches. Many of you resort to the use...

Celebrities on magazine covers seem to be immaculate as they can be. Here’s a news flash for you: They are not that perfect. Or at least they don’t look half as good in person as on the Photoshop canvas. Even so, wanting to be perfect is human nature. For...

Every year the average coffee drinker drinks enough coffee to fill a bathtub, so with such a high volume intake, what does that mean for our health?...

While high blood pressure increase certain risks, lower blood pressure does not lower them, a recent study indicates. Blood pressure is the pressure...

Every five seconds someone in the world goes blind. To mark World Sight Day on October 9th this infographic explores some of the facts about vision...

You are in a hurry and you still haven’t eaten lunch and your first thought is that a nearby fast food restaurant has nothing healthy to offer. Eating...

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