5 important Steps to Do After a Slip and Fall Accident

Sometimes surfaces are unsafe to walk on. Something as avoidable as a spill that hasn’t been cleaned, or a wet floor, can lead to a slip and fall accident.

Whether it is on a shop floor, sidewalk, or walkway, you could be entitled to compensation. Here are five steps to follow after you’ve been injured in a slip and fall accident.

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1. Seek help or treatment

Seeking treatment for your injury should always be the top priority after an accident. Any slip and fall accident can lead to acute pain and long-term injuries, so it is important to get help immediately.

Getting medical advice will also show the insurance companies how significant your injuries are. Insurance companies may ask for your medical history. If this happens, decline access, and instead contact a slip and fall accident attorney and take the medical access form to them.

2. Report your accident

Reporting your slip and fall accident is the next step. Most public places have a protocol that must be followed after somebody has had an accident within the premises.

Be sure to find a manager who can walk you through the reporting process. Usually, you have to sign off a report or accident form that you file. Read the form in detail beforehand so you know exactly what you are signing for.

Add in as much detail on the report that you can, as this will help your case when you make a claim later down the line.

3. Document the accident

Alongside reporting your accident, it’s important to document everything. This strengthens your case when you hire an attorney to obtain compensation for your injury.

  • When documenting your slip and fall accident, gather as much evidence as you can.
  • Photographs and video footage of your injury and the cause of the fall
  • Eyewitness names and contact information
  • The name of the premises where the fall occurred
  • The manager who took your report
  • A detailed description of what happened

4. Contact a slip and fall accident attorney

Image source: pexels.com

To file a claim for your injury, hire a Sibley Dolman Gipe slip and fall accident attorney. They have the knowledge and expertise to help you through your claim, and ensure you get the compensation you deserve. They know exactly what you need to create a strong case, and can help you gather all of the evidence and eyewitness testimonials you need to win.

The property owner may have to pay for your damages, such as medical bills, loss of income due to being unable to work, or emotional trauma.

5. Stay quiet

It’s crucial that you remain quiet after you’ve had a slip and fall accident. Usually, your slip and fall accident attorney will advise you on what you can and can’t say, and who you should avoid contacting.

Do not attempt to contact the owner of the property where you had the accident. Do not post on social media about your injury. Any public posts can weaken your claim, and make it harder for you to get compensation.


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