5 Tips to Dressing Comfortably as a Chef

A chef is exposed to many dangers in the kitchen. Precaution must be taken to avoid major accidents in the kitchen. In case a knife falls on your legs or hot substances splash on you, proper dressing can help prevent such accidents.

You need to get the best chef shoes, a double chested jacket, and to tie an apron among other things. You should also make sure that you are comfortable so that you can work effectively.

In this article we present 5 tips to dressing comfortably as a chef which will not only promote hygiene in the food preparation industry but also provide safety for the chefs.

Image source: pixabay.com

Chef pants

Many people tend to think, because of the high temperatures in the kitchen, the shorts are appropriate. It is good to invest in high-quality chef pants. For easier removal in case of splashes of hot liquids, the waistband should be made of plastic. It is also more comfortable than tying a belt.

Ensure that the pants do not have cuffs which could trap hot debris that splatter on the surface and this could cause burns. In addition to comfort, chef pants also enhance your safety in the kitchen.

Slip-resistant chef shoes

Investing in high-quality chef shoes will enhance your comfort in the kitchen since it makes movement easier. Due to spills and food particles sprawling on the kitchen floor, slipping is common in the kitchen.

But this can be avoided if one wears anti-slip shoes. when buying anti-slip chef shoes, consider a slip-on design with a cushioned midsole and spill-proof outer covering. Some of the best brands are available on Amazon. You may opt for Crocs, Mozo Finn or special sketchers for chefs.

Chefs jacket and apron

In the kitchen, a chef is exposed to oil splatters, steam hot water splashes and so on. In order to avoid contact with the skin, a chef should have a double-breasted jacket. In addition, a chef should also have a clean dry towel at hand at all times. The towels may be used to lift hot cooking appliances.

This towel should not be used to wipe out sweat or spills. It may form a breeding ground for bacteria. That is why it should be maintained in a clean and dry condition.

Torque Blanche

Though a mere white hat would do, professional chefs should also invest in a toque Blanche. Its main function is to keep hair away from food. It also absorbs food smells so that by the time you are leaving the kitchen, you do not smell like food. More importantly, it also absorbs sweat.

This enhances your comfort since you do not have to keep wiping sweat from your forehead and neck. Some come with a neckerchief as well.

Jewelry and makeup

Professional chefs do not wear too much makeup and jewelry to the kitchen. This is especially so for safety purposes. In any case, makeup may smear off on your clothes and this is not acceptable. Perfume also interferes with your sense of smell while cooking. It should be avoided altogether.

These few tips will help you maintain a professional look like a chef. They also enhance your safety in the kitchen. An important safety tip also is that when leaving the kitchen, you should remove your apron. It may collect bacteria out there and this can lead to food contamination.




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