Internal Medicine in Los Angeles During COVID-19

The onset of COVID-19 has ravaged much of the healthcare industry. The ever-changing nature of the virus has left countless doctors and physicians at a loss when it comes to treating its symptoms. The financial difficulties of having to deal with the pandemic have also put a strain on medical institutions. There are many hospitals and clinics that have been left overwhelmed and overworked.

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Those who are involved in the field of internal medicine have been just as affected. There are many physicians who consider COVID-19 to fall under the umbrella of internal medicine. Some even go as far as to claim it is reminiscent of the HIV/AIDS pandemic that wreaked havoc in the USA during the ’80s.

This mounting pressure, although demoralizing, has not led physicians to despair. If anything, doctors from all over the world have taken this unique moment to advance their careers through hard work and dedication.

That doesn’t mean COVID-19 is without its downsides. There are a lot of open positions for physicians that are looking for jobs that deal with internal medicine in Los Angeles. This might lead some to worry, while others rejoice at this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity of establishing themselves in the field.

What Does Internal Medicine Deal With?

Internal medicine is the practice that deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of internal diseases. This medical specialty is paramount to resolving the myriad of issues that can plague the human body. It is generally considered to be one of the fields of medicine most relevant to the average person.

Doctors that are specialized in internal medicine (also called internists) have been extensively trained to treat any and all diseases and afflictions that happen within the body. Some have also learned, out of necessity, to deal with various presentations that stem internally yet are hard to trace to a single organ, such as that of dyspnea.

One of the most interesting things about internal medicine is that internists have not only been trained to resolve whatever condition affects their patients. An internist also has to provide a certain level of empathy and moral support to those in their care, marking them as foremost upholders of the Hippocratic Oath.

How Much Do Internal Medicine Doctors Make in California?

Being a physician is not an easy job. It requires years upon years of intensive training, written dissertations, and no small amount of determination. Thus internal medicine doctors unsurprisingly have a salary that is befitting of their station and effort.

The average salary for an internist in California is estimated to be around $200,000 per year. Although this is a huge sum, it is no secret that doctors have a great amount of responsibility laid upon their shoulders.

Those who are interested in specializing in internal medicine should be well aware of the profession’s requirements. Being a physician is anything but a slow ride and is likely to not only test your skills and knowledge to the limit but also to change you for the better or worse.

How Has COVID-19 Affected Internal Medicine?

Coronavirus is an infectious, asymptomatic disease that can manifest itself in a variety of ways. There isn’t any treatment yet that has been proven to consistently combat the worst effects of the SARS COVID-19 virus. Fortunately, internal medicine physicians have been trained to address the many symptoms that can crop up during a bout of infection.

COVID-19 primarily affects the internal system of the human body. One of the most common afflictions the virus can bring is the inflammatory condition known as pneumonia. This condition is governed by internal medicine and must naturally be resolved by an internist who has the necessary skill set.

The Bottom Line

There has been a great demand for skilled internists in California ever since COVID-19 made itself known on a global scale. If you’re thinking of pursuing a career as an internal medicine physician, then there would be few better times in human history to get started than right now.


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