How to Fit Your Dog’s Needs Into Your Lifestyle Naturally

Busy dog owners aren’t uncommon. Whether they bought their pup while they had more free time or they gradually adopted a busier lifestyle, making time for your pet is necessary if you want them to lead a happy life. Here’s how you can fit your pup into your lifestyle naturally.

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Develop a Routine and Stick to It

If you’re already busy, you probably have a routine. As long as you aren’t forgetting your dog, then you’ll have an easier time working your life around them. Make plans for the same time each day to exercise, feed, and bond with your dog. Don’t forget about grooming and training.

As an added benefit, your dog will feel more secure if you keep a routine because they know exactly when they can rest, spend time with themselves, or play with their toys in your absence.

Pay Attention to Your Pup to Avoid Emergencies

Regularly taking care of your dog’s health can help you avoid emergencies, but it’s equally as important that you watch your pup for abnormalities. If they’re suddenly experiencing pain or disinterest in an activity, it’s best to go to the veterinarian and get them examined immediately.

Some conditions can be managed with natural remedies. For example, the best CBD for arthritis can help with joint pain and reset your dog’s sleeping patterns. Speak to your veterinarian first before using alternative treatments. Never replace veterinarian care with supplements.

Make Exercise With Your Dog a Top Priority

Both humans and dogs need ample exercise to stay healthy, but that isn’t always easy for busy people. Instead of going to the gym, kill two birds with one stone and only exercise with your pup. You could add them to your daily running or cycling routine.

You can either start your workout routine in the morning or evening as long as your dog gets 30 minutes or more exercise per day. As long as you make it happen, you’ll keep your dog happy.

Plan Ahead for Grooming and Healthcare

You can’t plan ahead for everything, but you can book vet and grooming appointments in advance. Set up a day to groom your dog if you want to take care of it yourself, and schedule a veterinary check-up every 6 to 12 months. Pet insurance can help you cover the costs.

Don’t forget to replenish supplies when you can. Your pup will need food, doggie bags, and toys regularly. You can decide if you want to add a dog-based supply run after work or on weekends.

Train and Spend Time With Your Pup

Finding time to train your dog can be very overwhelming, especially if you have an older pet who’s already gone through the motions. However, you need to schedule 2 to 3 training sessions a week, either before or after exercise, to ensure your pup stays well-behaved.

Another way to keep your dog happy is by spending quality time with them. If you have a relaxing hobby, like watching TV, keep your dog on your lap, pet, and speak to them. Remember that you’re your dog’s whole world, so don’t forget about them while you’re at home.

Consider Doggie Daycare or a Playmate

Sometimes dog owners get so busy they can’t pull their eyes away from work. If that sounds like you, try to find a playmate (another dog owner or sitter) for your pup. Alternatively, you could put your dog up in a doggy daycare. Try not to rely on these services, or your dog will miss you.

Ask your boss if you can take your dog to work. If they’re well-behaved (and they should be if you don’t neglect training), most modern employers will be happy to add them to the team.


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