The Top 3 Ways To Decrease Back Pain

So many people complain all the time about pain in their backs and end up spending so much on painkillers, most of which are temporary fixes to the back pain.

This article expounds on some of the ways to safely and effectively decrease back pain.

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1) Inversion tables

Inversion therapy is a very effective and safe method to decrease back pain. For it to be effective, it is advisable to invest in some of the best inversion tables which are readily available online.

Inversion tables work with the force of gravity to reduce back pain. For a person who is standing upright, gravity acts upon the back muscles and on the entire spine, in a sense, pulling it down as well as with its other structures, leading to increased back pressure and pain.

Inversion tables, therefore, enable a person to lie vertically with their head down, again, allowing gravity to act naturally. Gravity will still act on the spine and its structures, only that this time it will be lengthening it. This exercise will stretch the spine and relieve it of undue strain on its structures and on the muscles surrounding it.

Inversion tables have a myriad of benefits, including decompressing the vertebrae on the back, which will, in turn, reduce pressure on the discs and therefore consequently lowering the risk of getting herniated discs which may be extremely painful.

2) Sleep well

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for good overall body health, not just for the benefit of the back. In order to reduce or prevent the occurrence of back pain, it is necessary that we sleep in good positions that will not strain or exert too much pressure on the back.

If you like to sleep on your side, try placing a pillow between your legs or underneath the legs to help reduce the pain. If you sleep on your back, place a pillow beneath your knees for extra support.

Another thing to consider is the type of mattress that you are sleeping on. A mattress that is too hard might be extremely uncomfortable and may even increase the lower back pain in some cases.

On the other hand, a mattress that is too soft will not offer the required support to an individual and will also lead to an increased pain. A firm, standard, comfortable mattress is thus the best option.

3) Exercise

Contrary to popular belief, remaining seated or lying down all day will not reduce back pain but might actually increase it. This does not necessarily mean that you should engage in a strenuous physical activity, but it does mean that you should do some gentle, simple, light physical exercises.

Taking a walk or doing some stretches might be a good way to get you moving. These simple physical exercises will be an extreme help to decrease back pain since they help in keeping the muscles strong and moving, and they also help to stretch them. This will, in turn, lead to improved circulation in the back area and will consequently lead to a reduction of back pain.


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