Keeping Healthy to Increase Fertility

Infertility is a productive health problem that affects a considerable number of couples out there. Over the past two decades a number of couples that suffer from fertility related issues has increased dramatically. Now, you will find at least one in every six couples finding it difficult to have a baby. To make matters worse is that other pregnancies usually end up in miscarriages.

It is a sad reality to note that now more than ever more couples are seeking treatments from the best fertility clinic in order for them to be able to have babies. This is a worrying trend that needs to be appropriately addressed to help save the situation.

Most women don’t even take fertility seriously and in fact it is not a big issue for them until when they realize that they can’t have babies. An infertility diagnosis is usually given to a couple that has tried to have a baby for a period of not less than one year.

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When the infertility that is preventing the couple from having a baby is emanating from the woman, it is referred to as female infertility. It is sad to note that female related infertility factors account for up to 50% of all infertility cases.

Any woman who is keen getting pregnant should look for ways to enhance her fertility. Fortunately, there are various ways that can help you enhance your ability to conceive and have a baby.

What may be the cause of infertility in women?

Infertility may be caused by a host of factors some of which may as a result of your lifestyle choices. Some common factors that causes infertility in women include; tubal damage, ovulatory failure, age, endometriosis, weight, STD’s and other unexplained factors.


Age is by far the most significant factor that determines a woman’s fertility this is due to the fact that women are usually born with a fixed number of eggs.

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During each ovulation, an egg is released from the ovaries and it moves down to the fallopian tube to await fertilization. If the egg fails to get fertilized with a male sperm it moves down to the birth canal and is considered menstrual flow. As a woman ages and especially at the age of 30, her fertility levels start to decline.

By the time the woman will hit 35 years her fertility levels will have dropped by at least 40%. It is important to bear in mind that the average year that most women reach menopause is at 45 years of age.


This is condition in women affects fertility by destroying the ovaries thus preventing ovulation. There are other effects of endometriosis that block the fallopian tubes thus preventing the eggs from moving from the ovaries to the uterus.

There are other scientific studies that suggest that the condition usually interferes with the lining of the uterus thus affecting the implanting of the fertilized egg. There are also cases where women with endometriosis feel pain during copulation and this may cause them not to participate in the act.


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Weight indeed is an important factor in women’s fertility and even in their overall health and well-being. Studies suggest that women who are thin and underweight may have issues with their menstrual cycles and by extension experience ovulation problems. This is something that can greatly affect a woman’s fertility and even impede the chance of getting pregnant.

Obese or overweight women also may experience difficulty getting pregnant because excess weight interferes with ovulation and menstruation. An overweight woman for instance may be more susceptible to miscarriages than a woman with a normal weight. Infertility treatments such as IVF is also said not to be highly successful on obese women. If you are an overweight woman you can increase your fertility by shedding those extra pounds by at least 5%.

Sexually Transmitted Infections

There are a number of sexually transmitted infections that if left untreated can affect a woman’s fertility. For instance, a disease like Chlamydia or gonorrhea if left untreated may cause inflammation in the female reproductive organ.

There are cases where fallopian tubes have been narrowed to an extent that it is impossible for the woman to conceive. Issues in the fallopian tube may also result in ectopic pregnancies (fetus developing outside of the uterus). The condition is usually life threatening and immediate medical solution should be sought once a woman has been diagnosed with it.

How you can keep yourself healthy to enhance your fertility

Infertility in women is caused by a number of factors most which have been discussed above in the article. We have learned that infertility can also be impacted by life choices including the foods and drinks we take. There is a natural approach that women can take to help improve matters.

Diet can greatly play a huge role in enhancing your fertility this is why it is best to take doctor recommended healthy diet. Unfortunately, most women out there don’t take seriously the kids of foods they need to eat in order for them to be fertile.

When you are trying to have babies it may be in your best interest to reduce or if possible to steer clear of the following substances:


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Alcohol has been found to reduce a woman’s fertility rate greatly. The more alcohol you take the more likely it is for you not to be able to conceive.


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Caffeine is also blamed for decreasing fertility and therefore if you are in your endeavor to increase your fertility it is better to take less of it.


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Health experts blame smoking for reducing fertility in women and in some rare cases it can cause early menopause in some women.

Bottom line

Keeping healthy is the best way for a woman to help increase her fertility because research has it that taking a healthy diet is crucial for every woman out there. There are also some lifestyle choices that will ensure that fertility in women is enhanced. It is better to avoid things like alcohol, smoking, and drinks that contain lots of caffeine.


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