Best Mattress for Different Body Types

A good mattress provides comfortable sleep which is very essential to wake up refreshed the following day. It is very important to sleep on the right mattress which is suitable for your body type.

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Are you looking to buy a good mattress? Do you want a mattress that can help you relax your mind? If yes, then it is important to understand the best qualities of a mattress that are perfect for your body posture. The size, shape, material, dimension, designs, and many more things should be kept in mind while purchasing a mattress. If you are also looking for a new and full-size mattress size bed then you are at the right place to acquire essential information regarding the product.

Buying a mattress according to your sleeping position and body type will give you a feel of happiness in the morning. It’s not only a matter of sleep but a comfortable mattress also helps in getting rid of back pain, cramps problems, body pain, and so on. Check some of its basic qualities, understand the features and how they are beneficial for the body. We have listed down some of the basic qualities of a comfortable mattress that can help you in getting an idea of which is the best mattress according to the body type.

Qualities of an Effective Mattress

If you are looking for the best mattress according to your body type then check some of its features so that it can be easy for you to select the best one. Check out some of best qualities:

  • Firmness: This is one of the important qualities of a mattress that should be checked properly while purchasing. The firmness of any mattress differs from one another. Many people prefer the extra softness while some like to sleep on a normal firm one. Choose a mattress that is soft as well as acts as a shield for back pains.
  • Texture: The texture of the mattress also matters a lot. The baseline texture of the mattress should give the essence of feel after putting a cover or bed sheet on the mattress.
  • Durability: The durability of a mattress should be checked by looking at its various other qualities. The longevity also depends on the material used to make the mattresses, as metal spring mattresses need to be replaced quicker as compared to memory-foam mattresses.
  • Size: The next important thing is the size of the mattress. People always tend to remain confused regarding the size of the mattress. They remain in dilemma regarding twin vs full bed as they fail in selecting the perfect mattress for their bed size. Take proper measurements of the bed and then select the mattress.
  • Adjustable: The mattress should be adjustable in case of firmness and positioning. The mattress should be easily adjusted on the left and right sides of the bed to provide you a good sleeping experience.
  • Budget: This is again one of the major factors on which the purchase of a mattress depends. Choose a good and high-quality mattress that you can afford easily. Do not invest in a mattress that does not give you comfort even after spending a hefty sum on it.
  • Material: There are many types of material used for the formation of a mattress. Choose the one which is comfortable for your body and sleeping position. There is an availability of innerspring mattresses made up of metal springs for the support, memory foam mattress, air-based mattress, water-beds, and many more. When you go for mattress purchasing, you will find many mattresses made up of different materials. Select the one according to your needs.

Mattresses Types

Best mattress choices for your body type.

Full mattress: The full-size mattress is good for an adult and a child. This is uncomfortable for couples to sleep.


  • This is good for the guest or kids’ room.
  • This has more space than a twin room.
  • The full mattress fits well for the studio apartments.


  • This is heavier and larger than a twin mattress.

Twin Mattress: Twin mattresses are 38 inches wide and 75-inches long in size. They are the least expensive mattress on the market. One can also combine two twin mattresses to form a large bed.


  • A twin bed is ideal for growing kids.
  • It can be moved easily.
  • It can be used on a bunk bed.
  • This is one of the cheapest mattresses available in the market.


  • This is not comfortable for adults.

Here is a list of statistical data that will give you an idea of dimensions so that one can select the mattress according to their needs.

Full Mattress Twin Mattress
Size 54” x 75” x 11” Size 38” x 75” x 11”
Price $699 approx Price $499 approx
Room recommended size 10 × 10 ft


Room recommended size 7×10 ft


Bed size 54 inch × 75 inch approx


Bed size 38 inch × 75 inch approx


Fits comfortably Ideal for an adult along with a child.


Fits comfortably Single sleepers.



Here are some popular types of mattresses which you can purchase. Have a look:

  • Firm Mattress: This is good for people suffering from lower back pain. This is very comfortable with no extra padding. The mattress height is approximately 8.5″.
  • Plush: The plush mattress is the softest mattress one can have with additional pillow-top padding. This type of mattress provides extra comfort and plush support.
  • Ultra Plush: These are super comfortable and have one additional pillowtop on top of the mattress.
  • Memory Foam: This is one of the affordable high-quality mattresses which was created by NASA twenty years ago. This is made up of polyurethane that is firmer in cool temperatures and softer in warm temperatures.


There are several mattresses available in the market, but you decide to choose the best among all of them. Select the one which is good for your body type and provides you relief and comfort while you sleep.





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