Benefits of Comprehensive Body Detox

Detoxification, popularly known as body detox, is a process in which the body neutralizes or eliminates toxins through the liver, kidney, and colon. Toxins are unwanted elements or impurities inside the body. These include synthetic chemicals, pollutants, heavy metals, and processed foods.

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Ideally, the body has a way of getting rid of these toxins, but the rate of toxin production can exceed that of detoxification. This could be due to several reasons such as poor dieting, organ failure, and an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s recommended to do a full body detox once in a while to get rid of harmful elements and boost the overall body health.

A comprehensive body detox can be done with a prescribed detox kit coupled with a specific dietary schedule for a given period, say one or two weeks. Below, we’ve rounded up the five main benefits of comprehensive body detox.

1. Helps With Weight Loss

If you have been hitting the gym and restricting your diet with little progress, perhaps it’s time to try out something else. Sometimes, built-up toxins inside the body could be hurting your weight loss progress, making you crave junk food, and inhibiting proper metabolic functions.

2. Promotes Liver and Gastrointestinal Health

The liver is one of the main organs that detoxify the body. However, what we take in may make it work tirelessly, which may lead to liver failure. A comprehensive body detox will help the liver work less and restore its overall health.

The colon also plays a big role in preventing toxins build-ups inside your body. However, the colon may wear out with time, hence not performing its duties as expected. Here, a total body detox will relieve the colon of any excess toxins and further strengthen the colon muscle enhancing its performance. Detoxification also repairs any damage to the colon, allowing for proper nutrient absorption.

3. Strengthens the Immune System

Toxin build-up affects the body’s normal processes, including metabolism and nutrient absorption. Excess toxins in the body also divert the immune system’s attention from focusing on preventing illnesses to getting rid of toxins.

If you are getting sick often, then a full body detox could be what you need to help rejuvenate the immune system. Detoxification also reduces body inflammations since you’ll be taking healthy and nutrient-sufficient foods. For the best results, your detox diet should consist of fruits, vegetables, and raw food to help eliminate toxins, boost the body’s immune response, and reduce inflammation.

4. Increases Energy Levels

Feeling sluggish and tired all day long, even after a full night of sleep, is a sign that the body needs to get rid of excess toxins. Accumulation of toxins, especially from high-sugar diets, leads to a reduction in cellular energy.

An efficient detox program contains high nutrient-based and whole-natural foods that promote smooth digestion and absorption. This helps boost your energy levels at a cellular level. After a comprehensive body detox, the high energy levels will help you feel light, active, and even more alive.

5. Improves Mental Well-Being

Toxins in your body can cloud your mind leading to undesired side effects. For instance, it can easily affect the brain’s ability to think and process information faster, leading to concentration difficulty. A well-structured and comprehensive body detox can eliminate these toxins, freeing up your mind and helping you stay focused. The detox can also improve your sleep patterns and overall mood.

End note

Full body detox is a key ingredient to living a healthy and happy life. Whether you choose to detox regularly using at-home remedies or through commercially-approved programs such as the DesBio detox kit, the goal is to eliminate toxins and get your body working optimally. Remember, a full-body detox isn’t a substitute for regular exercise, proper dieting, and a healthy lifestyle.


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