3 Things Can Can Kill Your Sex Drive

There are few things in life that are better than sex. So why wouldn’t we just want to have sex all the time? Oddly, there are times when sex is seen as a chore and is not looked forward to.

The problem is that we need a healthy libido to want sex. It’s how we are programmed.

When things throw our libido out of whack, it means that sex just doesn’t happen. And when that happens our quality of life decreases and it can cause problems in a relationship.

In this article, I am going to go over some proven libido killers that you should be watching out for so you can have a healthy sex life.

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1) High or low blood pressure

Blood pressure can be quite a serious problem aside from the sexual standpoint. But, when you do have problems with your blood pressure it does affect your sexual abilities. At least for men.

With blood pressure problems, you are likely to have erectile dysfunction. While it may not be a libido killer so to speak, it obviously has some influence over your sex life.

You’ll need to see a doctor about your blood pressure and once it is under control then you should see a return to a normal erection. If not, then turn to the little blue pill, aka Viagra and that will get you back on track.

2) You’re overweight

Our weight greatly affects many aspects of our lives when we are too heavy. We exercise less and eat poor diets. Those things together can really slow down your libido. And being out of shape can mean being a not so superstar in bed which makes you want to have sex less frequently as a result.

Lose weight and regain your sex drive by exercising and changing your diet. It won’t be easy and it won’t happen overnight, but little by little you will see some nice gains by losing inches on your waistline and in the bedroom.

As you start feeling those endorphins and feel more confidence when you look in the mirror, then those things will add up to a stronger libido.

3) Depression

When you are depressed, either clinically or just feeling in a rut, it really slows down your sex drive.

In fact, depression affects your quality of life in general and not just in the bedroom. When you feel depressed it is demotivating. You really don’t have the energy or ambition to do any of the things you usually love to do. Sex drops lower on the list of priorities when your mental health is suffering.

Therapy will do wonders for your mental health and should be sought out anyway. Once it is working and your depression is easing its way out of your life, then start looking to reconnect with your partner and be more intimate. Intimacy will help that spark grow and your sex drive should come back with it.


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