Top foods to suppress your snoring

Is there really a link between your snoring problem and the foods you eat? Well, not only is there a strong association, but also there is ample evidence to suggest that consuming certain foods can actually help you suppress your snoring to a great extent.

It’s great if you know that alcohol, dairy products, sugars, caffeine and red meat are going to pose snoring risks to you; however, you can always go one step further and increase your knowledge about the foods that help you muffle those roars that invariably escapee your nostrils and mouth.

Here, we introduce you to some foods that will help you control your snoring. If you’re already having most of these foods regularly, it’s all great.

However, if you’re not really getting good doses of these foods, there are reasons for you to consider them as replacement for your breakfast and dinner.

Onions – not just about causing tear shot eyes!

If you’ve always hated onions for making you ‘cry’, it’s time you let them prove their worth for you. Being great antioxidants, onions can go a long way in helping you out by clearing your nasal passages, which in turn buts a tab on your snoring problem.

The decongestant behaviour of onions is a great complement to their taste, and that’s why you can safely include onions in your diet.

Tea and Honey – not necessarily to be had in conjugation

Just like onions, tea can also help you by clearing out your nasal passages and hence avoiding the irritating drumming sound that is produced by your mouth when you are asleep. Enjoy a warm cup of tea an hour or so before sleeping for best results.

Also, honey is a sweet cure for your snoring troubles. Being an anti-inflammatory food item, honey prevents the clogging of your nasal passage, which means that you are able to sleep well.

Olive oil – a great replacement for the saturated oils you use for cooking

Whereas saturated oils are nefarious for causing acid reflux along with the considerable inflammation of the oesophagus, olive oil is loved worldwide for being a healthier pick. For snorers, olive oil also provides the added benefit of mitigating crowding in the throat to the larynx from the soft palate.

Embrace cooking in olive oil and enjoy better health and lesser snoring.

Herbs and other foods for healthier trachea and better digestion

Undigested foods are likely to cause you to gain weight and develop flesh flab around the throat, which is enough to make your snores louder. By embracing herbs and foods such as thyme, seaweed, mustard greens, horseradish, and pears in your diet, you can enjoy better digestion and hence, better sleep.

Also, fibre, fenugreek and spearmint are widely regarded as good inclusions in your diet to improve the health and shape of your trachea.

By controlling what you eat and being selective in terms of the food stuffs you eat frequently, you can help your case. Apart from smart food selection, you can also try out another easily manageable remedy that can mitigate your snoring, and that’s the use of mouthguards and other oral devices.

Mostly, these oral devices are in the form of mouthguards that keep the lower jaw in a position that doesn’t let snoring occur. You might want to refer to what Without Snoring blog has to say about oral devices for suppressing snoring. Also, you will be able to find a lot more information and reviews about all sorts of anti snoring oral devices.


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